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How to Get and Access Acid Lab in GTA Online


You must first complete all six First Dose missions in order to unlock the GTA Online Acid Lab, which is a Brickade 6×6 truck that has been fitted out with equipment to become a rolling drug laboratory. After that, you must complete a freeroam mission in which you must steal the materials needed to get your drug business up and running in order to conclude the proceedings and unlock the GTA Online Acid Lab. This is the primary component of the Grand Theft Auto Online Los Santos Drug Wars update, and the reward for completing the First Dose story missions alongside the Fooliganz is the addition of the Acid Lab to your vehicle fleet. However, there is still more work to be done in GTA Online in order to get your mobile narcotics enterprise off the ground. This tutorial will walk you through the process of obtaining and using the acid lab in Grand Theft Auto Online. So let’s get started:

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How to Get and Access Acid Lab in GTA Online

In order to gain access to the GTA Online Acid Lab, you must first finish all six of the First Dose Dax Contact Missions that were added in the Los Santos Drug Wars update:

  • You have reached the Troupe.
  • Designated Driver
  • Fatal Incursion
  • Substance That Is Not Under Control
  • Make War not Love
  • Away from the Tracks

How to Get and Access Acid Lab in GTA Online

The final step of the First Dose storyline tasks you with robbing the Brickade 6×6 truck and hiding it in The Freakshop. However, in order to finish the storyline, you will need to complete a freeroam mission in which you go to one of the marked warehouses and steal the necessary lab equipment to turn it into the Acid Lab. After clearing out the guards inside the warehouse, use the forklift to load the equipment onto the flatbed truck. Then, drive the truck back to The Freakshop while fending off any attackers that appear along the way.

Talk to Mutt beside the truck and pay the GTA$750,000 price to install the lab equipment in order to get the GTA Online Acid Lab up and running. However, if you subscribe to GTA+, this service is provided at no additional cost to you. In addition to the Brickade 6×6, you will also have access to the Manchez Scout C motorbike once you have established the laboratory. You can utilize this vehicle to complete sell missions with your merchandise.

How to Get and Access Acid Lab in GTA Online

You will be able to run it as a business once you have owned it, and because it will operate independently from the drug business run by the Motorcycle Club (if you buy that), the two businesses will not interfere with one another. You can request supplies for the Acid Lab by speaking to Mutt at The Freakshop or calling him from your phone contacts. Each item costs GTA$60,000, and you will need to resupply the lab three times to get a full stock unless you upgrade your equipment. If you do upgrade your equipment, you will only need to resupply the lab once. This equipment improvement has a cost of GTA$250,000, but it is a smart investment because it raises the sale value of a full supply from GTA$237,500 to GTA$335,200. As a result, it shouldn’t take you very long to get your money back from the purchase of this upgrade. When selling in public sessions, you will additionally receive a high demand bonus; however, you should carefully consider if this additional reward is worth the risk of having other players interfere with your product.


How much is acid lab GTA 5?

Acid Labs can be purchased for a sum of GTA $750,000, which is considered to be a reasonable price. After completing 10 Fooligan Jobs, the option to purchase an upgrade worth $250,000 becomes available. It costs $60,000 to purchase all of the available supplies. There is a once-daily opportunity to speed up the process of creating new products.

Where is the secret lab in GTA 5?

Chianski Passage, which is located in the heart of the San Chianski Mountain Range in Blaine County, is where the Humane Labs and Research facility may be found. A pharmaceutical company that was originally held by Maxim Rashkovsky and Dima Popov exercised authority over it in the past.

Is the acid lab worth buying?

The progress that players have made will be immediately visible to them, so there won’t be any unnecessary waiting involved. Therefore, it is very obvious that Acid Lab is something that players should pursue in Grand Theft Auto Online this year, and there are more advantages to working in this industry than there are disadvantages.

How much does acid lab pay GTA Online?

Players can gain a lot of value out of it if they put in just a little bit of effort, despite the fact that it in no way compromises the integrity of the game. As a point of reference, players receive $237,600 after selling all of the materials but before making any modifications. They might make a total of $335,200 after investing in the equipment update and having it installed.

What is the highest paying GTA job?

After reaching rank 81, you will be able to access Trash Talk, which is one of the money-earning tasks in GTA Online that offers the highest payouts and the greatest efficiency. If you have a talented enough squad, you can make $15,000 or more in just four minutes with this strategy.