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How To Get Atoms Easily In Fallout 76


Atoms are another currency you will find in Fallout 76 besides Caps. The different thing is that you can’t purchase items from vendors with using Atoms, as you can do with Caps. Atoms are specifically used to purchase any cosmetic gear from the game’s Atomic Shop.

So, here we’re about to discuss how to get Atoms easily and what you can do with them.

How to get Atoms in Fallout 76?

You will be rewarded by Atoms in Fallout 76 for doing a large variety of activities. From collecting caps, to simply emerging from the vault at the start of the game. However, there are essentially two ways to get Atoms in Fallout 76 and let’s detail them one by one.

1. Purchased with real money

Love them or hate them, Fallout 76 has feature microtransactions. You can buy Atoms with money then used them to buy awesome in-game cosmetic items. Whether or not the price is worth it entirely depends on you.

2. Completing Challenges

Admit it, sometimes you will feel hesitate to spend cash for purchasing items in the game. Well then, this is the easiest and efficient way for you to get Atoms for free.

By completing some challenges, you will be rewarded with Atoms. Below you can see the list of default challenges you can complete to earn Atoms in Fallout 76.

  • Character Challenges
Character Challenges Atoms reward
Explore Appalachia for 24 hours 20
Explore Appalachia for an hour 10
Collect a Bobblehead, Holotape, or Magazine 10
Equip a Perk Card 10
  • Social Challenges
Social Challenges Atoms reward
Build a Furnishing in a Workshop or CAMP 10
Claim a Workshop 10
Complete an Event while in a Group 10
Join a Group 10
Make a Friend 10
Revive an Ally 20
Take a Photo in Appalachia 10
  • Survival Challenges
Survival Challenges Atoms reward
Acquire a Disease 20
Brew 76 Teas and Drinks 20
Collect 76 Purified Water 40
Collect Wood 10
Deploy 76 CAMPS to settle Appalachia 40
Harvest 12 different Herbs 40
Harvest 11 Fruits, Berries and Vegetables 40
Harvest 10 Fungi, Plants, and Nuked Flora 40
Learn a Recipe or Plan 10
Learn 76 Cooked Recipes 80
Boil water 10
Cook a meal 10
Deploy a CAMP to settle Appalachia 10
Harvest Wild Plants and Fungi 10
Scrap junk to produce resources 10
Scrap 76 junk to produce Resources 20
Scrap 760 junk to produce resources 20
  • Combat Challenges
Combat Challenges Atoms reward
Craft 76 Grenades 20
Craft or Scrap Armor 76 times 20
Craft or Scrap 76 Ranged Weapons 20
Craft or Scrap a Melee Weapon 10
Craft some Ammo 10
Destroy 10 Robots 10
Fully rank up a Perk Card 20
Kill 76 Animals 40
Kill 76 Anrhropods 40
Kill 76 Critters 40
Kill 5 Different Kinds of Animals 40
Kill 8 Different Kinds of Arthropods 40
Kill 10 Different Kinds of Creatures 40
Kill 10 Different Kinds of Critters 40
Kill 6 Different Kinds of Robots 40
Kill 76 Human-like Creatures 40
Kill 76 Insects or Bugs 40
Kill a Wanted Player 20
Learn a Weapon or Armor Plan 10
Mod a Weapon 10
Mod a piece of Armor 10
Repair a piece of Armor or a Weapon 10
Scrap 76 Clothes 20
Craft a Piece of Armor 10
Craft or Scrap a Ranged Weapon 10
Destroy a Robot 10
Kill a Creature 10
Kill an Enemy 10
  • World Challenges
World Challenges Atoms reward
Emerge from Vault 76 10
Discover the Overseer’s CAMP 10
Collect 8 Holotape Games 40
Collect an Issue from 11 Different Magazines 40
Complete 76 Quests and Events in the Forest 40
Locate 5 Locales within the Forest 40
Discover the Ash Heap Region 20
Discover the Cranberry Bog Region 20
Discover the Mire Region 20
Discover the Savage Divide 20
Discover the Toxic Valley Region 20
Find the ‘Tales from the West Virginia Hills’ Holotapes 40
Find the Overseer’s Logs 80
Find the Overseer’s Personal Journal Holotapes 40
Find the Survivor Series Holotapes 20
Hack 2 Terminals 10
Pick a Lock 10
Use 20 Different Kinds of Bobbleheads 40

Fallout 76 Atomic Shop

Here’s how Bethesda explained about it:

“The Atomic Shop was founded to give you as much choice and variety in how you want to customize and celebrate your adventures. It doesn’t offer anything with a competitive advantage, and more so, it aims to bring joy not just to you, but the other dwellers around you.”

So, if you think that your pocket has filled with enough Atoms, then you can spend them with visiting the Atomic Shop and buy any stuff you want from there. All you need to do is click start to head to the map, then hit L1/LB to open the main menu. You will see one of the options is the Atomic Shop, select this and you will be able to buy some new cosmetic items.

Have a great adventure in hunting Atoms!

Fallout 76 is currently available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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