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How to Get Energy in SCP 3008 in Roblox


SCP-3008 is the name of a Roblox survival horror game that was developed by Uglyburger0 and is available on the platform. The SCP Foundation Story describes a scenario in which the players must struggle to stay alive in an endless setting that is full of both other players and IKEA personnel. The setting takes place in an IKEA. Consuming certain items within SCP-3008 will grant you the ability to collect additional health and energy that can be used within the game. Because you are unable to purchase such products at this time, it is essential for you to find a way to acquire them so that you can enhance both your vitality and your health. This article will walk you through the process of obtaining energy in the SCP 3008 Roblox game. So let’s get started:

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How to Get Energy in SCP 3008 in Roblox

Consumables are a means by which one can replenish their reserves of energy and are therefore useful. They are the items contained within SCP-3008 that have the potential to improve either your physical wellbeing or your overall levels of vitality. Since the consumables are spread out across Plots and are reset every Monday and Friday while you are playing the game, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding them when you are looking for them. You have the option of keeping the consumables in your inventory or placing them in the piece of furniture that has a higher capacity for storage; this decision will depend on which course of action presents you with the greater degree of ease.

How to Get Energy in SCP 3008 in Roblox

On the other hand, the pieces of furniture will each come equipped with a larger storage space at the bottom of the piece in the form of a container, such as a bathtub or a wardrobe. The very first night is going to be one in which you will require the energy. It is essential that you keep a close eye on your current energy level when you are first starting out in the game. If your energy runs out, you will experience a rapid decline in your health. You will be able to regain some of the energy that you had lost as a result of not eating enough. When your health bar is completely depleted, you will pass away and be resurrected at a location selected at random.

If you do not set any waypoints in advance, you will have a more difficult time finding your home base when you are out in the wilderness. Despite the absence of a dedicated button that would allow your Roblox character to use the things, consuming consumables is a fairly straightforward process that can be accomplished with relative ease. You have to make sure that you have food available in your inventory before you can consume consumables. This is the first step. As was previously mentioned, the consumables are dispersed across the Plots and should be accessible to you for discovery.

How to Get Energy in SCP 3008 in Roblox

You can get energy from eating consumables by following the steps that are listed below:

1. Open your stockpile (G).

2. You can select the food, drink, or medical kit that you want by clicking on it.

  • Once you have entered the inventory, you can select the food, drink, or medical kit that you have by clicking on it. However, depending on the circumstances, you may be required to click and hold the item after making your selection.

3. You need to hit the ‘Q’ key.

  • After that, you can use the ‘Q’ key on your keyboard to select the control box, and then you can click the box to activate it.

4. Choose the button that you would like the control to be associated with.

After that, you can press the key that you want the control to be associated with, and if necessary, you can even edit the controls themselves. After that, you can press the key that you want to be associated with the control.


What is the rarest item in SCP 3008 Roblox?

A plot known as the Living Room plot was discovered by chance in SCP-3008. It comes with two of each of the items listed below, in addition to one GameCube that is located on one side of the plot. Due to the fact that it is so hard to come by, the GameCube is currently among the rarest of all the items in the game.

How much energy does chocolate give you in 3008?

Chocolate can now be picked up without risk and eating it will restore 3 health and 85 energy. This change was introduced in update 2.6. When you pick up the chocolate, you will receive a badge in return.

Can you eat burgers in 3008?

It is only available on VIP servers and can be accessed through the Mod Menu’s Spawn command, which can be found under the VIP tab. If you do not have infinite health or energy, it will almost certainly be fatal for you. A tip may appear that says “Do not consume burgers from fast food restaurants. They are poisonous “and are referring to the fact that eating the burger car will result in your death.

What is the rarest toy in 3008 Roblox?

This is one of several uncommon toys that can be discovered in the “Playroom” plot of the infinite Ikea. It works exactly the same way as any other toy that can be discovered on the map.

Does SCP 3008 have an exit?

It should be noted that the article for SCP-3008 on the SCP Wiki mentions the presence of one or more exits, and that 14 individuals and one Employee are known to have escaped through one of these exits.