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How to Get Epona in Ocarina of Time


This is a brief overview of the process of obtaining Epona in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This is not a walkthrough of the game, and it does not cover the transition from being a youngster on Lon Lon Ranch to being an adult in the world of the game. Obtaining Epona will be a significant improvement, thus it is worthwhile to attempt to obtain her from Ingo. Continue reading to find out how it’s done.

Method 1: Getting to Lon Lon Ranch and Epona

1.Locate the Lon Lon Ranch. Immediately following your meeting with Zelda in the palace and being taken out by Impa, you will find yourself standing just in front of the drawbridge. Instead of immediately walking over to Death Mountain, as Impa instructs you to do, look straight ahead of where you are currently standing. There should be anything that resembles a cluster of houses perched on a hill. This is Lon Lon Ranch, and it’s a beautiful place.

2.Lon Lon Ranch is where it all begins. In this house, you will find Talon (the man you woke up in the palace in order to get access to the route) and his daughter. From the moment you get through the door, run straight between the two buildings and you will find yourself in what appears to be some type of ranch, complete with a sort of circle racetrack.

3.”Epona’s Song” is a song that you should learn. When you walk into the enclosure where the horses are racing about, you will notice a tiny girl standing in the middle, singing to herself. Speak with her. She will express her gratitude to you for waking up her father and then on to sing about the song she is now singing. Make use of your ocarina to learn the song “Epona’s Song.”

4.Depart Lon Lon Ranch and go to Death Valley, California. Continue to go through the following two dungeons as scheduled. After you’ve completed the dungeons, you can visit the Temple of Time to become an adult.

5.After you have reached adulthood, return to Lon Lon Ranch. You will see that it is no longer the cheerful, delightful place that it used to be when you were a child. Ingo has now taken over the farm, and he has sworn his loyalty to Ganondorf in the process. You’ll see that the ranch has been converted into a horse-riding game. After you pay Ingo the money to go in, you can select whatever horse you want and ride around on it. If you don’t succeed the first time, don’t bother trying. He will eject you from the building when the time limit has expired.

6.Pay to re-enter, then take out your ocarina and perform Epona’s tune for the crowd. Epona will immediately come over to you. Grab a hold of her and ride her over to the entryway, where Ingo will be waiting. While riding the horse, target him with the ‘Z’ button and hit the ‘A’ button to initiate conversation. He will challenge you to a race, and he will stake you 50 rupees on the outcome. Accept the wager’s terms and conditions.

  • First, get some practice riding Epona. Riding her is as simple as pointing the joystick in the direction you want to go; it’s truly that simple.

  • To give Epona a burst of speed, press the ‘A’ button while holding down the ‘A’ button. Epona will go more quickly, but you will lose a carrot as a result. These should only be used on rare occasions.

Method 2: Challenging Ingo on Epona

1.Epona should be guided onto the inside track of the loop. Ingo will make every effort to prevent you from obtaining inside position, but he will not be totally successful. Whenever he relinquishes his inside track position, hit the A key to launch yourself past him and onto the inside track.

2.You should be aware that Ingo will freak out and challenge you once again after winning the race. He’ll erupt in rage and yell when he sees Ganondorf. After that, he will challenge you to a second race, which will be unfair to you. If you win, you will receive Epona as a prize.

3.Use the same strategies as previously to beat him in another race. Ingo is going to wind up being far faster than he was the last time, and there is nothing you can do to prevent that. Simply said, give it your all and keep trying.

  • Once you’ve gained possession of the inside position, don’t give it up. Simply maintaining your position will prevent Ingo from passing you on the outside, so keep this in mind at all times.

  • Keep Epona’s carrot intake to a minimum for the time being. Although some individuals have been able to defeat Ingo without using any carrots at all, it is recommended that you utilize only a few carrots. Don’t use too many in the start of the race, or you’ll run out of them when you really need them – near the conclusion of the race.

4.You should be aware that if you do wind up defeating Ingo, you will find him to be quite enraged. He tells you that you may keep the horse, but that you are not allowed to leave the property. He laughs hysterically as he locks the gate behind him. It appears like all hope is lost, doesn’t it? Wrong!

5.Remember that if you do manage to defeat Ingo, he will be quite furious, and you should prepare yourself for this. He informs you that you are welcome to keep the horse, but that you are not permitted to leave the premises.

  • His laughter is uncontrollable as he closes the gate behind him. Don’t you agree that it looks like all hope has been thrown away? Wrong!

  • The simple route is as follows: on the left side of the ranch, there is a wall. Running at an angle from the entrance towards the wall is recommended. It doesn’t have to be flawless; Epona will be able to hop over it in any case.

6.Take advantage of Epona’s freedom and speed once you’ve landed on the opposite side of the wall. You may now take advantage of all of the advantages that come with owning a horse. The majority of this involves being able to go around the world in around thirty seconds, rather than the three minutes it would take without her assistance.

  • Epona isn’t required to play the game in any way. However, while you don’t “need” her for anything, she may be a tremendous asset, so attempt to get her services if possible.