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How To Get Eyasluna Hand Cannon in Destiny 2


The Eyasluna Hand Cannon and its god roll are now available to players of Destiny 2 to obtain. In the Destiny expansion known as The Taken King, the fan-favorite character Eyasluna has made a comeback. The Eyasluna is just one of the numerous new weapons that are being added to Destiny 2 in conjunction with Bungie’s celebration of its 30th anniversary. Players are able to take advantage of a wide variety of free-to-play features during this enormous event, including the brand-new Dares of Eternity six-player matchmaking mode.

In Destiny 2, the Eyasluna still has the appearance of a Hawkmoon, but it may now be used as a Stasis weapon instead. This allows it to become a part of the game’s extensive arsenal. Legendary Stasis weapons share a space with Kinetic weapons in a Guardian’s equipment selection, and they were initially featured in Season of the Lost with weapons like Vulpecula and Fractethyst. Eyasluna is a Stasis weapon, which means that the legendary Hand Cannon has access to the Headstone perk. This perk enables Eyasluna to generate a Stasis crystal on foes after delivering a fatal blow with precision.

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How To Get Eyasluna Hand Cannon in Destiny 2

How To Get Eyasluna Hand Cannon in Destiny 2

Those unfortunate enough to have purchased the 30th Anniversary bundle will be the only ones able to use Eyasluna. This is the case with a couple of the weapons that were added to Destiny 2 along with the 30th Anniversary pack, such as the Matador 64 Shotgun, the 1000-Yard Stare Sniper Rifle, and the Hero of Ages Sword. [Citation needed] [Citation needed] In addition, only players who have purchased the 30th Anniversary Pack will be able to use the Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher when it is brought back into Destiny 2. This is due to the fact that Eyasluna, along with many other weapons, can only be obtained by completing the brand new dungeon known as “Grasp of Avarice.”

When compared to the Palindrome, the Eyasluna Hand Cannon has several statistics that are fairly comparable to those of the Palindrome. Both of these firearms are 140 RPM Hand Cannons, but the Eyasluna has superior statistics in the categories of Range, Stability, and Reload Speed. In addition to this, the regular magazine that comes with an Eysluna holds one additional round than the magazine that comes with a Palindrome. Due to Eyasluna’s adaptability in both player vs environment and player versus player gameplay, Destiny 2 offers players a variety of excellent perk alternatives to choose from.

How To Get Eyasluna Hand Cannon in Destiny 2

Eyasluna’s PvE God Roll Perks:

  • Hold steady on the HCS
  • Rounds Capable of Penetrating Armor
  • Perpetual Motion
  • Headstone

Eyasluna’s PvP God Roll Perks:

  • Hold steady on the HCS
  • Ricochet Rounds
  • Perpetual Motion
  • Moving Target

In addition, the new Perpetual Motion perk was added to a select number of weapons in Destiny 2 with the release of the 30th Anniversary update. While the wielder is moving, Perpetual Motion gives greater stability, handling, and reload speed. It also works well in conjunction with Moving Target, Ricochet Rounds, and Steadhand High Critical Strike, among other abilities. Outlaw is normally the go-to perk for faster reload speed, but because it demands the player to make a precision kill first, it lags behind Perpetual Motion in this regard. Eyasluna’s Stability and Handling stats are further increased with Ricochet Rounds and Steadhand HCS, making this Hand Cannon the best option for any PvP Guardian who wants to remain as mobile as they are lethal in the Crucible.


How good is Eyasluna Destiny 2?

It is likely that the Eyasluna hand cannon will remain in your Kinetic slot for a considerable amount of time because it is of such high quality. Stasis damage is dealt by this object, despite the fact that it uses primary ammo, which suggests that it may have a great synergy with the numerous Stasis Fragments that are available.

Do you need the 30th anniversary to get Eyasluna?

To begin, you are need to already own the Destiny 2 30th Anniversary Pack in your inventory. This will grant you entry into the brand-new and highly sought-after dungeon known as Grasp of Greed. As you progress through the Dungeon, you will have various encounters to accomplish; each one of these encounters has a chance to drop the Eyasluna hand cannon.

Is the Eyasluna free?

However, the weapons that you are hunting for, such as Hero of Ages, Matador 64, Eyasluna, and 1000-Yard Stare, do not come without a cost. At the time of this writing, the only method to acquire these Exotics is by purchasing the game’s new 30th Anniversary Pack, which is a downloadable content pack that can be purchased separately for £21.99.