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How to Get Silk Touch in Minecraft


The enchantment known as “Silk Touch” is one of the most sought after in all of Minecraft. The enchantment gives you the ability to pick the specific block of various things using the tool that corresponds to that block. For instance, if you wish to harvest coral, you’ll need a pickaxe that’s been enchanted with the Silk Touch ability. In the event that you do not do this, you will wind up collecting dead coral. In order to acquire the Silk Touch perk in Minecraft, you will need to either enchant the tools you want to use with the Silk Touch perk or acquire a book that can be enchanted with Silk Touch from any village librarian.

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Performing the Silk Touch Enchantment

You will need to make preparations for enchanting of level 30 in order to perform Silk Touch. Continue with the following procedure even if you are unfamiliar with the setup for an enchantment of level 30, which you may learn by reading our guide on how to set up an enchantment of level 30.

  • Construct anywhere from five to twenty wooden shovels or pickaxes, then store them in your inventory.
  • Lapis lazuli and a single wooden shovel or pickaxe are required in order to get access to the enchantment table.
  • If the Silk Touch enchantment is displayed on your enchantment table, you must exchange the wooden shovel or pickaxe for the item you wish to have enchanted with the Silk Touch.

  • You can just perform any other possible enchantment on the wooden object, and then replace it with a new wooden item if you do not acquire any Silk Touch enchantment.

  • Continue doing so until you have an enchantment on the table with the Silk Touch attribute.

Keep in mind that you can only trade objects that are of the same category. It is possible, for instance, to exchange a pickaxe made of wood for one of a greater quality made of any material, but you cannot do so with a shovel or any other tool in the game.

Trading for Silk Touch Enchanting book from the Village Librarian

Silk Touch can be obtained through any number of means, including bartering with a village librarian for a copy of an alluring book called Silk Touch. If you do not personally know any librarians, there is always the option of recruiting a jobless villager to fill the role of village librarian. To accomplish this, please follow the instructions that are listed below.

  • Find a villager who is without work and around him with fences to prevent him from leaving the hamlet.
  • Maintaining a lectern within the boundary of the fence will transform him into a librarian.
  • Now, you must wait for him to trade an enchantment book for the Silk Touch ability. Emeralds must be used in order to purchase the book of enchantments.
  • If the librarian does not trade the book that teaches you how to use the Silk Touch enchantment, you can easily destroy his lectern and buy a new one to replace it. Through the use of this technique, he will be able to trade in new books in place of the old ones. Continue doing everything you need to until you find the book you need.
  • Take the book of enchantment and place it inside any anvil, along with the object that needs the Silk Touch ability cast on it.

In addition to the aforementioned two methods, the Silk Touch enchanted books can also be obtained through loot boxes and fishing farms, respectively.