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How to Get The Exhibition Lunar Door in Atomic Heart


Canisters are very important to the scientists in Atomic Heart. At a later point in the narrative, it will be necessary for your character to infiltrate an underground Exhibition that is displaying the great scientific accomplishments of the facility. The story quest that takes place in this enormous region is one of the longest ones in the game. After completing a series of little puzzles, you will finally come to an atrium that is rather tall and contains a number of floors. You’ll find a canister holder shaped like a moon on one of these lower levels of the basement.

Even though there aren’t that many of these kinds of optional puzzles in Atomic Heart, you should definitely try to solve it. If you’re having trouble and need assistance finding all three canisters for the Lunar Door, the locations have been listed below for your convenience. In Atomic Heart, obtaining the Exhibition Lunar Door can be a challenge. This guide will walk you through the process. So let’s get started:

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How to Get The Exhibition Lunar Door in Atomic Heart

After making your way up from the lower level of the main Exhibition’s underground atrium, you will ultimately arrive at a level with artwork depicting grass on the second floor of the chamber. You’ll find a Lunar Terminal on the back-left side of the screen; however, it’s missing three canisters. To unlock the door, you’ll need to find these three containers.

Canister #1:

The first canister may be found to the left of the Lunar Terminal, which is where the other three canisters are socketed. Go through the door to reach the Secure Area. On the right side of the room, around the bend in the wall, there is a dead body that is holding the first canister.

How to Get The Exhibition Lunar Door in Atomic Heart

Canister #2:

The next stop is located an even shorter distance from the terminal. As you get back to the terminal, head over to the railing on the other side; there is a container hidden in one of the planters along the railing.

How to Get The Exhibition Lunar Door in Atomic Heart

Canister #3:

Take Canister 1 back to the corner where you found it. You’ll find a dead body that you can talk to near the door that’s been closed. If you talk to it, it will let you in if you ask it nicely. Take the halls upstairs and enter an area that’s strongly guarded with robots. Defeat every one of them to uncover the final canister near the enormous chest.

How to Get The Exhibition Lunar Door in Atomic Heart

Insert all three canisters and the door on the right will unlock. You’ll find three large chests inside, and one of them will have a blueprint inside of it.

  • The Weapon Blueprint for the Fat Boy Rocket Launcher: During the ‘Made In The USSR’ quest, you can find this Blueprint Chest in the main Exhibition Atrium of the building. Unlock the chest chest by unlocking the Lunar Termina with three missing canisters.

You can receive a different blueprint depending on how many other blueprint chests you’ve already opened. It just so happened that the blueprint for the Fat Boy Rocket Launcher was the one we unlocked at this particular point in the story.


Where are the canisters in Atomic Heart?

The first fetch quest in Atomic Heart has you searching for four different canisters to use in order to unlock the door leading out of the Valilov Complex at the beginning of the game. The Pesticide Workshop, the Cold Workshop, the Hot Workshop, and the Algae Workshop are the respective wings that house each of the canisters.

Is Atomic Heart a horror game?

Atomic Heart was released on February 21st 2023 and was developed by Mundfish Studios. While not necessarily a horror game, it is horror adjacent and plenty bloody, so I am here to review it and let you know if I think it’s worth your time.

Is Atomic Heart a Russian game?

The production of Atomic Heart was announced more than five years before the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia. This means that the invasion did not occur during this time. The developer of the game as well as its investors have denied having any connections to Russia or the Russian government. Nonetheless, Atomic Heart has remained a hotspot for debate over the ethics of purchasing a game.

Who is the first boss in Atomic Heart?

The first boss that is a true test is the HOG-7 Hedgie robot. Gamers can catch a glance at it early on in the game, but the main fight won’t start until they’ve reached the wide world.

Do Russian play video games?

With an estimated 65.2 million gamers across the country as of 2018, Russia holds the title of having the largest video gaming market in all of Europe.