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How To Get To Momo in Stray


In the game Stray, the main character is a stray cat that got lost after becoming separated from its family and landing at the gateway of the Dead City. The Cat’s mission at this point is to locate a way out of the deteriorating cyborg metropolis and get back to the people it cares about.

Finding a robot known as Momo, who has a significant amount of knowledge regarding the Outside in Stray, is one of the few essential measures necessary to escape from this city. Players are able to discover Momo’s whereabouts with the assistance of B-12 and the Guardian. It would appear that there is no way to get to Momo due to the fact that The Slums is a highly dark and chaotic location; therefore, gamers will need to discover another way through the roofs to get there. Therefore, in order to reach Momo in stray, these are the steps:

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How To Get To Momo in Stray

Reach Momo In Stray

How To Get To Momo in Stray

In “The Slums,” Momo lives on the upper story of a building that has an orange sign on it. You can find her there. After finishing your conversation with the Guardian, you should turn around and head down the stairs. Players need to climb up the crates on the right side of the screen, then continue ascending until they reach a roof that has a bicycle on it.

How To Get To Momo in Stray

Jump to the platform that contains a chair, and then proceed to the upper roof that is in front of you. After that, stroll up to the dozing robot and hop up onto the ledge directly in front of it. You have to climb up onto two outdoor compressors that are stacked on top of each other, followed by a smaller compressor, in order to reach a balcony.

How To Get To Momo in Stray

You can find Momo by climbing up to the little window and looking for a robot that is wearing colourful clothing. This will bring you to Momo.

Trigger Momo’s Location Quest In Stray

As soon as you enter The Slums through the Dead City in Stray, its inhabitants will immediately begin to flee and try to conceal themselves upon seeing the Cat since they believe it to be a Zurk. Following the resolution of the misunderstanding with the Guardian, present it the Postcard that may be found in the inventory to initiate the task.

How To Get To Momo in Stray

The cyborg will inform the players that travelling to the Outside is a ludicrous dream, and that no one has ever attempted to leave the Inside save for the Outsiders. Unhappily, none of them ever returned, and the only member of the group who is still alive is Momo. She lives on the top floor of a building that has an orange sign on it.

What To Do After Finding Momo In Stray

It seems as though Momo is depressed because all of its companions have gone outside and haven’t come back. Even when the Cat and B-12 show the cyborg the Postcard they pulled from the inventory, the cyborg doesn’t even react. Instead, Momo sinks more into her depression and becomes adamant that she will not discuss the Outside.

How To Get To Momo in Stray

The objective of this section is for the players to gather four unique notebooks that will boost Momo’s spirit and provide it with the appropriate motivation. Once you have located all of Momo’s Notebooks in Stray, you should present them to the cyborg. The cyborg will be overjoyed and will then continue to utilise Doc’s note to repair the broken Transceiver. Now that the Cat and B-12 have the Transceiver, they are able to make contact with the other Outsiders. However, the Rooftops are plagued with Zurks, so it will be difficult for them to get there.