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How to Get Vegetables In Animal Crossing


While perusing the cooking DIY recipes that are included in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update, players are certain to note that some of the food items are produced from a variety of veggies. This fact is brought to their attention as they explore the cooking DIY recipes. Carrots, potatoes, and tomatoes (which are considered an honorary vegetable) are included in this group of vegetables; some fans may be curious about where these vegetables originated. This article is intended to assist those players who are having difficulty locating veggies in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If this describes you, then keep reading.

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How to Get Vegetables In Animal Crossing

How to Get Vegetables In Animal Crossing

To cut directly to the chase, in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the player will need to cultivate all of the veggies they need in their meals from starts. Leif, a sloth, often sets up shop in front of Resident Services to sell all of these miniature plants. Some players may choose a more proactive strategy, while others may be content to check in on Leif every day until he is found there.

Specifically, in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can now persuade Leif to set up business permanently on Harv’s island. You may do this by using your airport to get to the hippy dog’s island, where you can meet him in the plaza that’s directly to the right of his studio. Players should choose to open Leif’s storefront first in this dialogue and pay the required 100,000 Bells to do so.

How to Get Vegetables In Animal Crossing

Telling ACNH’s Leif that you wish to shop will reveal his wares when you run into him on either your island or Harv’s. The first few of products Leif is selling will be the beginnings of his supply of cooking ingredients, so fans’ attention should be focused there. It’s important to note that the selections here evolve over time, so it could take a few days for a player to finally find the vegetable starts they’ve been seeking for.

Upon acquiring the appropriate vegetable seedlings, such as carrots, potatoes, or tomatoes, players can then plant them anywhere they see fit. Vegetables in Animal Crossing can’t be harvested until the fourth day, thus players will have to be patient. It’s important to remember that taking care of your plants on a regular basis will greatly improve your harvests, especially if you’re growing veggies.


How do you get Leif to make a shop?

Speak to the third Lloid on the right, and you’ll learn that inviting a “botany specialist with the greenest of thumbs” will unlock Leif’s shop on Harv’s Island. Plants appropriate for the season will typically be what Leif brings to sell when he visits your island.

Does Leif sell tomatoes?

In front of the Resident Services facility on your island, you may run into Leif, who will offer you the chance to buy a random start if you happen to be there when he appears. This means that he may provide you with wheat or sugarcane instead of the vegetables you requested, such as potatoes, tomatoes, or carrots.

Does Leif sell carrots?

Carrots can be purchased from Leif either on your own island or, if you have paid the bells, on Harv’s Island. This is similar to the situation with other crops. It is important to note that, in contrast to many of the other additions included in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update, players will have immediate access to carrots, given that Leif is present on their respective islands.

Will Leif open a permanent shop?

Leif’s space will also be blocked by ongoing activities such as the Fishing Tournament and the Bug-Off. Because of this, Leif does not presently have a permanent location on any of the islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. As a result, you will have to just cross your fingers and hope that he visits his shop in order to make purchases.