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How to Get Weak Ending in Atomic Heart


There are two possible conclusions to be drawn from Atomic Hearts. You will reach a moment late in the game where you will have the option to play either one of them, but only one of them will actually resolve the story in the way that the game’s creators meant it to. You make things right in the genuine ending, sometimes known as the happy ending, by figuring out how Sechenov played you and then defeating him. The alternative ending, which is more commonly referred to as the unfortunate ending, is a brief one that is not worthwhile to play out. The weak ending in atomic heart can be obtained by following the instructions in this article. So let’s get started:

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How to Get Weak Ending in Atomic Heart

In the event that Agent P-3 determines that he has had enough, he has the option to leave. It is possible for him to forget everything that he has accomplished up to this point, let go of the hazy recollection of his wife, pardon himself for the many people he has murdered, and relocate to the Caribbean. There, he will sit and watch the world go up in flames while sipping a drink of the kind that contains a miniature umbrella in it.

How to Get Weak Ending in Atomic Heart

Granny Zina’s reaction to this choice is quite clear: she is not happy about it. P-3 does not listen, but instead he pulls Zakharov out of his glove and storms off. Charles (also known as Chariton Zakharov) does not agree with him. The player is provided with a brief montage that describes a few incidents, but at the end, they are not given any answers.

How to Get Weak Ending in Atomic Heart

Game Over. It’s not the worst possible conclusion to a fun game, but it’s definitely up there.


Are there 2 endings in Atomic Heart?

Atomic Heart does have a number of different conclusions, giving you the opportunity to decide how your trip will come to a close. To be more explicit, there are two possible outcomes for players to experience, each of which is determined by a decision they make very close to the very end of the game.

What happened at the end of Atomic Heart?

Instead of leaving, Major Nechaev returns to Sechenov’s office to confront him with the evidence he’s gathered and hand it over to him. After you have defeated the ballerina twins, who are the final bosses you will face in Atomic Heart, Nechaev shoots Sechenov in the stomach with his gun.

Do you have to fight the twins in Atomic Heart?

During the portion of the game titled “The Academy of Consequences,” while P-3 is facing off against the two ballerinas who have been set on him by Sechenov, the battle takes place. The fight against the Twins is the game’s last boss, and the only way to engage in it is for the player to pursue Sechenov and accomplish the Fight Ending objective first.

Why is Atomic Heart so hyped?

Since the introduction of the game in 2018, there has been a great deal of excitement surrounding its release, and for good cause. Atomic Heart is a video game that takes place in an offbeat, retrofuturistic setting and features a novel combination of first-person shooter and role-playing game mechanics.

Who is the main villain in Atomic Heart?

One of the primary opponents in Atomic Heart is a man by the name of Dr. Dmitry Sergeyevich Sechenov. He is a brilliant scientist who is leading the charge to raise the human race to a new level of development through the use of coercive methods, and he is responsible for modernizing Soviet science.