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How to Invert the Colors on your Android


The accessibility feature known as colour inversion was there long before settings such as Dark Mode and was designed to make certain texts and images displayed on the screen of your phone easier to read. Even though the majority of modern smartphones come equipped with a Dark Mode in one form or another, not all applications currently support it. As a result, colour inversion can still be a very helpful feature to have on your mobile device.

On certain mobile devices, the colour inversion feature is a setting that can only be toggled on and off through the accessibility menu. For others, however, once the setting has been enabled in accessibility, you will have the ability to toggle it on and off at any time using the notifications panel on your device. This is the same way that you may activate features such as aeroplane mode or Do Not Disturb. Here’s how to turn colours upside down on an Android device.

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How to Invert the Colors on your Android

1. Open “Settings.”

2. Go to the bottom of the page and click on “Accessibility.”

How to Invert the Colors on your Android

3. Navigate to the “Accessibility” menu, then the “Display” menu, and look for the switch that is labelled “Color inversion.” Toggle the switch so that it is in the “on” position.

How to Invert the Colors on your Android

4. To toggle the colour inversion feature on and off, bring up the notification centre at any moment on your phone if it has the capability to do so, and then hit the “Invert colours” button.

How to Invert the Colors on your Android


How do I change the Color inversion on my phone?

Launch the Settings menu, then pick Accessibility from the menu. Text and display can be accessed by scrolling down to the section labelled Display and clicking there. After selecting Color inversion, activate the feature by activating the toggle switch located next to Use colour inversion.

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