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How to Link Riot Account to Twitch


Connecting your Riot Games account to Twitch has many advantages. You can unlock things and get rewards with Twitch Drops when you connect your Riot account to the well-known streaming service during special events. Connecting your Riot account to your Twitch account has a variety of advantages. You’ll be able to unlock exciting stuff and incentives whenever Twitch and Riot have a special event going on. But right now, the main motivation behind doing it is the opportunity to gain access to Valorant. You can understand this article. Consequently, let’s begin:

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How to Link Riot Account to Twitch

It is really simple to connect a Riot account to a Twitch account. The procedure only requires a few button taps and is handled directly through Twitch. You must first ensure you have accounts with both Riot Games and Twitch, so if you don’t have either, create them now.

When finished, utilize this Riot Connection link to get straight to the linking page. However, if for some reason that link isn’t functioning properly, you can take the same procedures listed below:

1. Register an account with Riot Games.

2. Enter your Twitch login information.

3. Click your profile in the top-right corner of Twitch.

4. Choose Settings

How to Link Riot Account to Twitch

5. Go to the Connections page

How to Link Riot Account to Twitch

6. Click Connect after finding Riot Games.

7. Obtain permission to connect

How to Link Riot Account to Twitch

Your Twitch account and Riot Games account will now be connected. From this point forward, you may receive a Valorant beta key for watching any Valorant beta stream that is designated as a Twitch Drops Enabled stream. Do not give up if you connect your Riot account to Twitch after the expired beta period. There are still probably a ton of valid justifications for connecting the two. In this highly linked world, the stronger the network, the more connected everything is. Just be sure you’ve taken the required precautions to secure your accounts, like turning on two-factor authentication wherever it’s practical.


Can I still link my LoL account to Riot?

Account linking does not presently have a deadline, however we are trying to extend it as long as we can. Once the Riot League servers are operational, you will still be able to link and move your accounts, either using Riot Client or directly with League Link.

Can I use Riot account to play LoL?

You’ll need a RIOT account to play LoL, but you can create one and play any of their games for free by going to and clicking “play now”. You can play any of the games that RIOT has produced, such as LoL or Valorant, after a brief 3-step sign-up process.

Do twitch drops expire?

Rewards from Twitch Drop that have not been linked to a account will expire seven days after they have been claimed.

Why are my Twitch drops not showing up?

Items may appear in your Steam inventory up to 10 minutes after you click the Claim button. When you claimed the drop, your Steam account may not have been connected to your Twitch account if the item does not appear after 30 minutes.

Can I make 2 Riot account with the same email?

You must have an email address for each account if you want to have numerous ones. Without using workarounds, you cannot link an email to more than one account.