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How to Make a Beacon in Minecraft


Beacons are an important part of Minecraft, allowing players to easily find their way around the world. In this blog post, we will show you how to make a beacon in Minecraft. Beacons are created by placing a block of obsidian on top of a pyramid made of iron blocks. It is important to note that beacons must be placed on level ground in order for them to work properly. Let’s get started!

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Required Materials to make Beacon

In order to make a beacon, you will need:

  • 1 Nether Star
  • 3 Obsidian
  • 5 Glass

How to Make a Beacon in Minecraft

To construct a beacon in Minecraft, you will need to adhere to the following step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: To begin, open the menu for a crafting table.

How to Make a Beacon in Minecraft

Step 2: As soon as you are within the menu for the crafting table, place three glass blocks across the top row. It is expected that there will be one glass block in the first box of the second row, one nether star in the second box of the third row, and one glass block in the fourth box of the second row. There should be three pieces of obsidian distributed evenly throughout the bottom row. Make it look just like the one down below.

How to Make a Beacon in Minecraft

Step 3: To move the newly made beacon into your personal inventory, simply drag it away from the crafting table menu and into your own inventory.


How do you activate a beacon in Minecraft without a pyramid?

Put nine mineral blocks on the ground to make a base that is three by three.

Put down three rows of three blocks at the location where you wish to activate your beacon. You are free to employ any of the mineral blocks containing iron, gold, emerald, or diamond. To construct the base, you will need a minimum of nine blocks in total. You can construct the base out of a variety of various mineral blocks.

How many iron blocks are needed for a full beacon?

In order to construct the pyramid on which you put the Beacon, a total of 164 blocks are required.

How many layers do you need for a beacon?

Placement. Build a pyramid with iron, gold, diamond, and emerald blocks, and then place the beacon block on top of the finished structure. You’ll need nine blocks for the top layer of the pyramid, 25 for the second layer, 49 for the third layer, and 81 for the bottom layer. The height of the pyramid can range from one to four layers.

Are beacons AI free?

Beacons is the quickest and easiest way to create a link in bio website that your followers will adore, and it’s completely free.

Can copper power a beacon?

Copper blocks, regardless of their development state, are incapable of serving as a beacon base, and copper ingots are unable to be used to pick abilities.

Can you use lapis for a beacon?

Your standard Beacon has 9 tiles. Here it is.

It can be constructed using any combination of the resource blocks involving iron, gold, diamonds, or emeralds. (Using iron blocks is the most efficient and economical method for constructing a short pyramid in the survival mode.) Beacons are unique in that they cannot be enhanced by any other block. This comprises a variety of different blocks, such as Pumpkins and Lapis Lazuli.