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How To Pick The Best Outstaffing Company For Your Projects


The outstaffing market is actively growing all over the world. You should not be surprised at this – this form of interaction with personnel is convenient: the customer company receives qualified employees who do not need to be recruited, since they are legally listed in an outstaffing organization. As a result, costs are reduced by reducing the burden on the accounting department and the personnel department, and the search for specialists for different types of tasks is simplified.

The main difficulty faced by companies that decide to implement outstaffing is finding a reliable and professional agency. It is not always easy to tell a good contractor from an outright scammer. You need to define your requirements and expectations, and carefully compare outstaffing and outsourcing options to choose the most suitable one for your business needs.To avoid problems, you should carefully approach the choice of a partner. The whole process can be divided into three stages.

Stage I. Gathering information

At the first stage, you need to make a list of outstaff companies, from which you will choose the one with which you will work.

  1. Feedback and recommendations

Collecting recommendations from friends and reviews on the Internet is an important step when choosing an organization.

  1. Experience

Experience is one of the important criteria for an agency’s reliability.

  1. Participation in ratings, availability of awards

High places in the ratings and industry awards give an additional point in favor of a particular outstaffing company, testifying to the level of the agency’s competence.

After collecting information and forming a preliminary list of contractor agencies, you can proceed to the next stage.

Stage II. Communication and clarification of work details

At this stage, the main task is to contact the selected agencies. Communication will make it possible to clarify all the details of future cooperation, understand how the processes in the agency are debugged, and draw conclusions whether you are ready to continue and conclude an agreement.

  1. Personnel

One of the important details that needs to be found out in the communication process is whether the agency can provide employees with the right skills.

  1. Management

It is worth asking the agency with which you are negotiating on cooperation how the project management will be structured.

  1. Working environment

The efficiency and productivity of employees is highly dependent on the work environment, so it is important to make sure that the outstaffing agency provides employees with everything they need to work.

Find out:

What equipment do employees work on? If you are looking for developers, inquire which development environment is used?

What time does the working day start and end? Can specialists start work earlier or later if you need to reconcile the schedule?

How is work organized on holidays?

How is the work structured if one of the specialists goes on vacation or sick leave during the project? Can the customer approve the leave of employees on outstaff?

  1. Security

When working with an outstaffing company, there is always a small risk that your data or trade secrets will be compromised. Therefore, when choosing a contractor, it is important to clarify the details regarding safety.

  1. Cost of services

Another important point that needs to be clarified when choosing an outstaffing company is how rates are calculated and payment is made.

Stage III. Plausibility check

So, you have collected the information of interest from outstaffing companies. Surely by this stage you have already chosen someone with whom you are ready to start cooperation. Do not hurry. Before signing a contract, it is worth checking the accuracy.

Once again, study all the information that you find about the company on the Internet. If you know the clients with whom the agency works, you can contact them and find out how satisfied they are with the cooperation.

If possible, visit the agency’s office to personally assess the work environment and talk to the staff. Trustworthy companies have nothing to hide. Check to make sure.

Instead of a conclusion

In this article, we have presented the basic questions to ask potential outstaffers. Based on how the communication will take place and what counter questions will be asked about the project, it will be possible to draw conclusions whether the company is right for you. And the time spent looking for a reliable agency will pay off with your peace of mind. Good luck!