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How to Play D.Va in Overwatch 2


In Overwatch 2, D.Va is one of the most well-known Tank-type Heroes, and she has proven time and again that she is better to a significant number of other heroes. Even after that, you may still utilize D. Va to rack up a high kill count while also supporting your team in maintaining positions, creating opportunities, and accomplishing a variety of other things to eventually win the battle by using D. Va. By following the instructions in this guide, you can become an expert D. Va player in Overwatch 2. So let’s get started:

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How to Play D.Va in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2’s version of D. Va is a member of the Tank hero class. When it comes to how to play her in matches, it is entirely up to you whether you are taking the game seriously and queuing up in Role queues, Ranked matches, and other such modes to provide excellent Tank support or whether you are a Casual player who wants some extra health and protect to mow down opponents and get high kills. If you are a Casual player, you should play her in a way that provides some extra health and protect to mow down opponents and get high kills.

How to Play D.Va in Overwatch 2

If you plan on using D. Va as a tank, you need make sure that there is a healer close by who can keep you consistently healed while you absorb damage and draw the attention of the opposing side. Your primary objective should be to defend the Heroes of the Healer and Damage classes on your team, as well as to maintain a position or create an opening.

While firing Micro-Missiles, you can protect yourself from incoming damage for a short period of time by activating the D. Va protection matrix. When you are within striking distance, conventional Fusion Cannons are more than sufficient. In a nutshell, you should direct your attention into defending yourself and tanking the onslaught of enemy fire so that other people can fulfill their duties.

How to Play D.Va in Overwatch 2

However, if you are just playing D. Va for fun, you may become your team’s best fragger by combining the Defense Matrix, Boosters, Micro Missiles, and Fusion Cannons. This will let you to become the top fragger. You can get closer to the adversaries by using the Boosters, and once you are within striking distance, you should employ the Fusion Cannon and the Defense Matrix in tandem. You now have a good opportunity to strike; fire the Micro Missiles.

When your Ultimate has been completed, you should not throw it away in a hasty manner. Watch for the moment when three or more players are located in close proximity to one another. And as soon as the opportunity presents itself, make advantage of the Boosters to close the gap and then employ the Ultimate. You will be ejected from your mech if you do this, giving you some breathing room to escape away. It is recommended that you maintain the attention of the enemies on yourself by using your light guns, even if you will need to get out of the way to avoid being killed by your own attack.

How to Play D.Va in Overwatch 2

After a brief lapse of time, the mech will unleash an area-of-effect explosion that will eliminate any adjacent foes. We have used it a number of times to obtain five kills in a row without losing a life. The only thing you need to do is conceal the fact that you will be using your ultimate ability from your foe and wait until the appropriate moment to activate it. If you use it too soon, your foes will have time to escape.

Unlock D. Va in Overwatch 2

You will be able to unlock D. Va after playing two matches in the Unranked mode. In addition, you have to finish the game’s tutorial in order to open up the Unranked match option. If, on the other hand, you purchased Overwatch at launch and are a returning player, you will already have her unlocked when the game first launches.

How to Play D.Va in Overwatch 2


Why is D.Va locked in OverWatch 2?

After just two matches in Overwatch 2, players have the opportunity to unlock one of the game’s heroes: D.Va. You will need to grind through a total of 150 unranked games in order to be able to play as all of the Heroes from the previous game.

Who counters D.Va as a tank?

In light of this, you should prioritize using Baptiste and Kiriko as your counters against D.Va if you want to win the match. Both give a powerful DPS primary fire that is going to keep the D.Va honest in her approach while also gifting their teammates some windows of reprieve against the D.Va. Moreover, both are going to keep the D.Va honest in her approach. Moreover, both are going to keep the D.

Why can’t i play all heroes in Overwatch 2?

The sequel features a total of 35 Heroes, but you will initially only have access to 13 of them. The rest of the Heroes will become available as the game progresses. The decision to restrict access was taken by Blizzard so that new players may become accustomed to the playstyle of the game and become familiar with the various roles before being allowed full access.

Can Mei freeze people in Overwatch 2?

Even though Mei is one of the original characters from Overwatch 1 that was carried over into Overwatch 2, her kit underwent some changes in the time leading up to the release of the new game. As part of the transition to the sequel, Blizzard disabled Mei’s ability to freeze and stun opponents with her primary fire, which means that this skill is now only available via her Ultimate.

What do Overwatch 1 owners get in Overwatch 2?

All of the player skins, speech lines, and other cosmetic items that were unlocked in the first game will be available to Overwatch 1 players in the sequel. In addition to this, they will have instant access to the new Support hero Kiriko. Kiriko will be immediately available to newly registered players that have purchased the premium Season 1 Battle Pass.