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How to Play DVDs on HP Laptops


Using this guide, you’ll be able to play DVDs on your HP laptop, regardless of whether it is running Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10.

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How to Play a DVD on an HP Laptop and Other Windows 10 PCs

DVDs can only be played on Windows if two things are present: an application to play them and a drive to put the DVD in. If only one of these items is present, the DVD cannot be played. If your HP laptop is equipped with a built-in DVD player, you can jump through to the next step altogether without having to do anything further. If this is not the case, please go to the section below for additional information on how to proceed.

VLC Media Player is the best tool for playing DVDs on any Windows 10 laptop or desktop computer. It’s completely free, open-source, well-supported, and easy to set up and use. This software is compatible with all versions of the operating system, including Windows XP and Windows 10. Even while there are more aesthetically beautiful DVD players available, they are either more expensive or do not give the breadth and depth of functionality that VLC does.

1. The VLC media player for Windows can be obtained by visiting this link.

2. By selecting its shortcut or typing “VLC” in the Windows search box and selecting a matched result from a list of results, you can launch VLC Media Player.

3. Insert the DVD disc into the DVD drive of your HP laptop and close the drive when you’ve finished watching it.

4. Normally, it will immediately begin playing when you do, but if it does not, go to Media > Open Disc and then select the DVD tab from the following menu.

5. If your DVD drive does not appear to be automatically selected, use the drop-down menu to choose it from the list of possibilities that appear on the screen.

6. To begin, press the Play button on your keyboard.

Don’t Have an HP Laptop DVD Player? No Problem

Because DVD players are becoming increasingly obsolete, the majority of current laptops do not contain built-in DVD players as standard equipment. There is a rising amount of content available for streaming on the devices, which takes up a large amount of physical space. There are a plethora of external DVD players that can be linked to your laptop via a USB cable, allowing you to have the same level of access to your DVD library that you would have if the DVD player had been included into the laptop itself.

Due to the fact that this type of drive is often operational right away, it is not necessary to employ additional drivers. Purchase one that is compatible with the operating system of your laptop, and then connect it to your computer and follow the same procedures explained in the prior sections to install it.



Why won’t the DVD play on my laptop?

If your DVD has deep scratches, it may not be able to be played because of this. A disc from a different region than the player you’re using won’t play because it’s not compatible. Aside from this, it’s conceivable that your DVD player does not support the sort of DVD you’re attempting to watch (for example, if the DVD is an Ultra HD Blu-Ray and your player does not have the necessary hardware to play that format).

Why is my HP laptop so slow?

If your laptop is taking a long time to boot up, it’s possible that you have too many applications running at the same time. If your computer is operating slowly while you are using it, you may be running out of RAM, your hard drive may be getting too full, or you may have too many browser tabs open.