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How to Play Pharah in Overwatch 2


Pharah is a character in Overwatch 2 that, if you are unsure how to control her in the game, will make your life miserable. If you are unsure how to control Pharah, read this guide. You will be able to unlock her if you have demonstrated that you are capable of completing the tutorial in its entirety. However, there is a catch: making effective use of her can be somewhat of a challenge at times. As a result of this, let’s examine some helpful tips and strategies for playing Pharah in Overwatch 2 here in our Hero guide. So let’s get started:

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How to Play Pharah in Overwatch 2

Since Pharah’s role in OW2 is to deal damage to enemies, you should play her as a damage-dealing damage-dealing character. On the other hand, in contrast to the vast majority of DPS characters, you won’t be engaging in ground-based combat. You need to get the upper hand and use her as a sniper, therefore take the high ground. This is because she possesses two talents known as Jump Jets and Hover Jets. The following suggestions ought to allow you to make greater use of her:

  • Get some practice with Jump Jet and Hover Jet: While the descriptions of both of these abilities are rather easy to understand, putting them to use in a fight is a bit more difficult. Therefore, if you want to learn them more effectively, you should practice them and obtain a sense of how these talents actually function.

How to Play Pharah in Overwatch 2

  • Pharah will spend most of her time hovering around you, therefore it is important that you remain aware of your surroundings and the terrain that you are currently playing on. If you are familiar with your surroundings, you will be able to determine where you can engage in combat and where you can seek cover.
  • Choose your targets carefully: owing to the fact that you have the capacity to essentially fly around. You have an advantage over certain characters, whilst you need to be cautious with others in the game. Characters Reaper, Lucio, and Symmetra all have limited movement and attack options. This will allow you to simply pick on them while remaining out of their range of attack. However, heroes like Soldier: 76, Widowmaker, and Cassidy who have Hitscan are Pharah’s most dangerous adversaries. These characters have Hitscan.

How to Play Pharah in Overwatch 2

  • To continue with the puns, Pharah is given an advantage when she is in the air because she is able to stay above the others. Therefore, you shouldn’t bring yourself down and play from the floor. This is primarily due to the fact that her assaults are somewhat sluggish. Therefore, not only will you lose the advantage you already have, but you will also become a target that is significantly simpler for every other opponent to hit.
  • Try to keep on the move; just because you are in the air does not mean that you are immune to harm. Because projectiles might be used against you, you should never stop moving. Being still makes you an easy target. And the more unpredictable your manoeuvres are, the more likely it is that you will survive.

How is Pharah different in Overwatch 2?

Pharah’s rockets in Overwatch 2 deal greater damage when they land a direct hit, but they deal less damage when they explode in the surrounding area. Because of this adjustment to the kit, Pharah players must now fire their weapons with greater accuracy rather of randomly shooting at enemies. When Pharah’s ammunition is depleted in Overwatch 2, she will immediately start reloading 0.25 seconds earlier than before. Last but not least, the Concussive Blast ability that Pharah possesses gives more knockback in addition to inflicting 30 damage upon a direct strike.


Is Pharah too strong?

Because she disregards about two thirds of the cast and is free to act however she pleases, she poses a significant challenge to players whose skill level is lower than plat. The ratio of effort put in to effort gained is too high. The most significant obstacle here are the rockets, which are area-of-effect munitions, meaning that she can reliably deal damage from any distance.

Is Overwatch 2 free if you have 1?

It doesn’t! The new premium battle pass and a variety of cosmetics are also included in the Watchpoint Pack. Overwatch 2’s standalone multiplayer mode is completely free to play. No, if you already owned Overwatch 1, it will not be free.

Will Overwatch 2 have all characters?

The sequel features a total of 35 Heroes, but you will initially only have access to 13 of them. The rest of the Heroes will become available as the game progresses. The decision to restrict access was taken by Blizzard so that new players may become accustomed to the playstyle of the game and become familiar with the various roles before being allowed full access.

What is Pharah’s last name?

Pharah, whose true name is Fareeha Amari, is a playable character in the video game Overwatch. Pharah is also one of the game’s primary protagonists. She is a member of the Egyptian military and serves as the head of security for Helix Security International. Her mother, Ana, is just one of many ancestors in a long line of warriors and soldiers that she comes from.