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How to Rally Your Friends from their Profile in Fortnite


The event known as the Fortnite Reboot Rally has been brought back! The return of the well-liked event was announced by Epic Games in a blog post, and gamers who meet the participation requirements will be eligible to get free goodies if they take part. Epic Games is known for regularly providing players with excellent free incentives, and the Reboot Rally event is just one more example of this. For this event, we require two different categories of participants: at least one new or returning player, and as many active players as the mode they are participating in allows (typically up to three).

The event provides participants with the opportunity to acquire free cosmetic gifts, some of which are of a higher quality than others. Due to the fact that one must first satisfy a number of prerequisite conditions, these cannot be acquired by just anybody. The steps to registering, making new friends, and accruing incentives are outlined here.

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How to Rally Your Friends from their Profile in Fortnite

For this event, there are four different free gifts that can be obtained at different point thresholds:

  • 50 points: Barb-B-Q Emoticon
  • 100 points are awarded for the freshly forged wrap.
  • Red Hot Revenge Pickaxe is worth 150 points.
  • Fiery Descent Glider is worth 200 points.

This is how you can obtain them with your pals.

Step 1: Register

How to Rally Your Friends from their Profile in Fortnite

The first thing you need to do is get your account registered for the event; if you don’t, you won’t be able to participate in the challenges. This can be done at the following website: As was previously stated, you and up to three other people can participate in this activity together. The number of other players who can join you in the game depends on the game mode that is currently being played. Only one of those players can be a returning player after a break of thirty days. Everyone else may either remain inactive or make a comeback.

Step 2: Find a friend(s)

How to Rally Your Friends from their Profile in Fortnite

The Friend tab of the game is where players may locate their friends. Here, active players will be able to meet returning and new gamers, and new gamers can meet active players with whom they can compete to earn spots in the event. It is important to highlight that participants do not need to complete each challenge with the same group of friends. Any new or returning participants are welcome to join in the game.

Step 3: Rally them back

How to Rally Your Friends from their Profile in Fortnite

Friends who meet the requirements will have the option to click the “Rally ’em back” button. This will present the friend with a QR code that they need to scan in order to be officially welcomed back through this event. To do so is a component of the difficulty of this competition. The webpage for registering for Fortnite also includes a link that allows users to send it to their friends.

Step 4: Play together and complete challenges

How to Rally Your Friends from their Profile in Fortnite

After all of that is over, the last thing left to do is simply finish all of the challenges. These require completing daily missions, which are typically quite straightforward, alongside one another. They frequently give players missions that include accomplishing natural things, like as gaining shields, gliding a certain number of metres, or doing a certain amount of damage.

In addition to simply playing together, completing a predetermined number of daily tasks results in the accumulation of points that may be redeemed for a variety of free goodies.


Do you need to complete the reboot rally quest and bonus goals with the same friends(S)?

You do not have to finish the Quests and Bonus Goals with the same friend(s) in order to complete them; this means that you are free to choose whatever friend(s) you want to party up with.

Can I complete the reboot rally quest and bonus goals on my own?

No, you will not be able to complete the Reboot Rally Quests and Bonus Goals on your own since they require you to play with either returning/new friends (if you are an active player or another returning/new player) or active friends (if you are a returning/new player).