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How to Re-Enable Your Twitch Account


Even if Twitch is widely regarded as the most popular network for streaming video games at the present time, not everyone ought to use it. If you are one of those people who downloaded Twitch but have since decided that they do not want to keep their account, it appears that you are in luck. Following the instructions below in a web browser will allow you to reactivate your account and get back into the game. Because of this, you will once more be able to access your account. Through the use of this guide, you will learn how to revive your Twitch account so that you can begin streaming once more. So let’s get started:

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How to Re-Enable Your Twitch Account

1. Launch the Twitch program.

How to Re-Enable Your Twitch Account

2. Enter your previous username and password in the popup that asks you to log in. Access to this account has been revoked.

How to Re-Enable Your Twitch Account

3. You will receive a notification alerting you that the active account has been deactivated; from the option that displays, click Reactivate to return the account to its active state.

How to Re-Enable Your Twitch Account

4. After the problem has been resolved, you will receive a second notification informing you that your account has been reinstated. You can proceed to the main page of Twitch by selecting the Continue option from the menu that appears.

How to Re-Enable Your Twitch Account


What happens when a Twitch account is disabled?

If you disable your Twitch account, your channel and any content it contains will become momentarily inaccessible to anyone trying to view it. Simply going back into your account at a later point in time will allow you to reactivate your subscription in the event that you change your mind in the future.

Does Twitch delete inactive accounts?

Some accounts may give the impression of being dormant because they do not stream content or follow any users; nonetheless, these accounts are not genuinely inactive. A few of users log in just periodically to chat or watch videos. However, once accounts do satisfy our inactivity requirements, the automated method will be used to recycle them because they will no longer be needed.

Will Twitch ban you permanently?

Streamers on Twitch run the risk of being banned if they breach the Terms of Service (ToS) of the site, which includes participating in any conduct that goes against the community norms. It means that anyone who is discovered to be engaging in an activity that is harmful or inappropriate will face penalties, including bans that can be temporary or permanent.

How long does Twitch suspend you?

On Twitch, one of the most typical punishments for rule violations is suspension. Depending on the nature of the offense, the period of time that the user is blocked for can range anywhere from three to thirty days. If the streamer makes a compelling case to the moderators, the time limit might be reduced even further. The length of time that a user is blocked depends on the number of times they have been in violation.

How long is an account suspended on Twitch?

The length of temporary suspensions might range anywhere from one to thirty days. You will be able to make use of our services once more after the suspension that was placed on your account has been lifted. We keep a log of previous violations, and if you receive several bans in a short period of time, your account may be locked out permanently.

Can you appeal a Twitch ban?

You are able to do this even if your account has been suspended on Twitch; just log in to the Appeals Portal. Choose the rule whose interpretation you disagree with and click “Appeal.” You will be shown information, which will include the data on the enforcement as well as the reason for the enforcement. Proceed to the description box and provide an explanation as to why you are appealing the chat ban on Twitch.