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How to Record a New Instagram Reel


Instagram recently introduced Instagram Reels, a brand-new short-form video format that is obviously modelled after TikTok’s popular style. You have the ability to shoot, edit, and post video clips to your Instagram feed that range in duration from three to fifteen seconds. Creating your own Reels is a rather basic process; the most challenging aspect is probably locating the option that Instagram has hidden within the app. Here is a rundown of the steps required to create your own Instagram Reels.

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How to Record a New Instagram Reel

1. On your iPhone or Android smartphone, launch the Instagram app.

2. Tap the camera icon located in the upper-left corner of the display.

3. At the very bottom of the screen, to the right of the words “Live” and “Story,” tap the word “Reels.” You will need to update your app to the most recent version available in the app store in order to access the “Reels” option.

How to Record a New Instagram Reel

4. On the left-hand side of the screen, you’ll find a broad variety of effects for you to choose from. Tap the “Audio” button, for instance, to select a piece from your music library to serve as the background score for your Reel. After you have chosen a music, you will be able to select the portion of the song that you want to use (remember, Reels can be no more than 15 seconds). You also have the option of adding visual effects, altering the playback speed of a clip, and doing a great deal more.

5. Start recording your video. There are three different methods for recording:

  • Press and maintain your finger on the “Record” button. When you let go of the button, the recording will come to an end.
  • Tap the button labelled “Record.” If you tap the button and then immediately release it, it will continue recording; if you tap it again, it will stop recording.
  • Tap the Timer button located on the left side of the screen, then select the amount of time you would like to record for, and then tap the “Set Timer” button. After you have pressed the “Record” button, the programme will display a countdown before beginning to record for the amount of time that you have selected.

How to Record a New Instagram Reel

6. You can record your footage in chunks until you’ve used up the entire 15 seconds.

7. To view a preview of your video, tap the right arrow button. If you are satisfied with the outcome, you should tap the right arrow once more.

8. On the page labelled “Share,” type a caption for the image, and then press the “Share” button to publish it.

How to Record a New Instagram Reel


Can Reels be pre recorded?

Swipe up and select the video clip you want to add to your project from the camera roll to add a previously recorded video clip. To select the portion of the video that you want to add, drag the sliders located at the beginning and finish of the clip, and then press the Add button located in the top right corner of the screen.

Which time is best for uploading Reels on Instagram?

According to the statistics that we gathered, Reels have the potential to receive up to 300% more interaction than standard Instagram videos. Over the course of the past year and a half, Hootsuite has been sharing Reels with the 170,000 people who follow them on Instagram. Because of this, we now know that the ideal times to publish Reels are at nine in the morning and twelve in the afternoon, Monday through Thursday.

Should I post video or Reel?

Your individual content plan and strategy should guide your decision regarding whether to generate short-form videos for Instagram Reels or long-form videos on Instagram Video. Try using Instagram Reels if you’re interested in increasing the likelihood that your content will be discovered as well as expanding the number of people who may watch your videos.

Can you download an Instagram reel?

You can save Instagram Reels to your own account by accessing the reel, hitting the menu button (it looks like three dots), and selecting the save option.