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How to Track AirTags in Find My on Your iPhone or iPad


AirTags are little gadgets that make use of Bluetooth to send signals to adjacent Apple devices that are part of the Find My network. If you attach an AirTag to a lost personal item, you will have a much simpler time locating it in the event that it is lost. AirTags can be used in conjunction with Apple’s Find My app for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. On the Find My map, in addition to the other connected devices, you may view the objects associated with your AirTag account. The procedure is as follows.

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How to Track AirTags in Find My on Your iPhone or iPad

Make sure that you have actually installed the AirTag and connected it to your Apple ID account by using the Find My app before proceeding with anything else. If it is not connected to anything, then it will not send out any signals.

How to Track AirTags in Find My on Your iPhone or iPad

1. Launch the Find My app on your iOS device, either an iPhone or an iPad. It has the appearance of a radar display, complete with blue beams and green circles.

2. When you use Find My, you may discover that your AirTag is close. If not, select Devices from the menu that appears at the bottom.

How to Track AirTags in Find My on Your iPhone or iPad

3. Tap on the AirTag you are looking for, and then tap the Find button, which looks like a white arrow inside of a green circle.

4. Instructions on where to look for your AirTagged item will appear on the screen at this point. Always make sure to follow directions.

5. If you are using an iPhone 11 or a newer model, Precision Finding will activate once you are close enough to the object for your AirTag and device to connect via Bluetooth. This feature will provide you with precise distance information between you and the item.

6. The moment you locate the item you’re looking for, the screen will turn green. To get out of the tracker, tap the button labelled “X.”

7. If you still can’t find the AirTag and you are within range of the Bluetooth device, hit the sound button on the device. This will cause a sound to play from your AirTag, which will assist you in locating it in the real world.

Get Directions to your AirTag 

You are still able to use the Get Directions option even if your iPhone does not have Ultra Wideband or if the AirTag is located too far away for your iPhone’s Bluetooth to communicate with it.

  1. Click the Find My button.
  2. Select the Items tab from the menu.
  3. You can find the AirTag you’re looking for by tapping on it.
  4. After you have given it a tap, you will be presented with the choice to View Directions. To do so, press that.
  5. Your AirTag will appear on Maps and provide you with turn-by-turn directions. Simply tap the Go To button inside Maps to receive directions for driving or walking to your AirTag.


Can you detect Apple AirTags?

Apple introduced the Tracker Detect software for Android phones several months after the company initially released the AirTag. The software for Android does not automatically search for unknown AirTags in the same way that the iPhone does, which is one of the accessible security features. Users are required to start the scan.

Can I track AirTag live?

It would appear that live tracking using AirTags is not possible when the object being tracked is in motion. It provides the most recent location in which it was able to find the object with the assistance of other Apple devices in the area. If there are no Apple devices in the immediate vicinity of the AirTags, you will definitely lose touch with your vehicle.

Can I see AirTag location history?

The FindMy app will show you the location of any AirTag that is associated with your account at the current moment; but, you will not be able to track the journey of an AirTag over time, nor will the tag itself keep a record of an AirTag’s previous whereabouts.

Can I track my AirTag from another state?

As long as adjacent Apple devices that are part of the Find My network are able to pick up the Bluetooth signal transmitted by an AirTag, the device will be able to function pretty much anywhere in the world.