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How to Reset Network Settings on an Android Phones


The network settings on your Android device determine who or what your device can connect to and how. It is possible for these settings to become corrupted, which would result in your device being unable to connect to anything else in its immediate vicinity. You are in luck because the settings for the network can be reset at any moment. None of your apps, photographs, or other data will be deleted as a result of this action. Your saved Wi-Fi passwords and any other information pertaining to connections will be the only things lost. It is also likely that this will assist your Android device in reestablishing a connection to the internet or Bluetooth. Changing your network settings on an Android phone or tablet can be done in the following way. So let’s get started:

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How to Reset Network Settings on an Android Phones

1. On your Android device, navigate to the app drawer and launch the “Settings” application.

2. Navigate to “System” or “General management,” depending on the type of device you have, and then choose one of those two options from the menu that displays after clicking on either of those options.

How to Reset Network Settings on an Android Phones

3. Make your selection from the drop-down menu, then choose either “Reset” or “Reset options.”

4. To start over with the network configurations, tap the phrase “Reset,” which will delete all of the current settings.

How to Reset Network Settings on an Android Phones

5. Before you are allowed to proceed, you will first be asked to verify that you really do want to reset the network settings on your device before you can move on. Do so.

Your device is going to undergo a restart shortly. Please wait. Wait if you please. In the event that this does take place, each and every one of your network settings will be wiped clean and reapply from the ground up.


What happens if I reset network settings on Android?

When you reset the network settings, all of the settings that are relevant to the network are returned to their initial condition. When we refer to anything being in its original state, we are referring to how it would appear and function in a brand new device or after you had performed a factory reset on your existing device. Your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Virtual Private Network, and cellular connections would all be disrupted if you reset the network settings.

Is it OK to do a network reset?

Use network reset

After upgrading from an earlier version of Windows to Windows 10, you can experience connectivity issues; this might help you troubleshoot and fix those issues. Additionally, it may assist in fixing the issue in which you are able to connect to the internet; yet, you are unable to connect to shared network drives.

Will resetting network settings delete anything Android?

If your Android device is having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cellular networks, you should reset the network settings on your device. When you reset your network settings, none of your apps or personal data will be deleted; however, any saved passwords for Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth connections will be lost.

Why reset network is important?

When you reset the network settings on your phone, all of the information that has been kept on your device in relation to the internet and other networks will be deleted. This can include the name of the Wi-Fi network, the password for that network, information on how to log in to specific networks, as well as other information for paired devices like speakers, headphones, and laptops.