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How to Reset Your Appearance in PUBG


You’ll be pleased to learn that whenever you desire, your appearance can be easily reset without any effort on your part. Tencent Games is well aware that in order to keep things interesting while playing, you will want to change your appearance at certain points throughout the game. The catch is that before you can accomplish anything in the game, you need to first obtain at least 3,000 BP, which is one of the many various types of loot or currencies that can be obtained within the game.

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How to Reset Your Appearance in PUBG

In the event that you are able to comply, kindly pay attention to the following directives:

How to Reset Your Appearance in PUBG

  1. Start the application, and then navigate to the home screen (main menu).
  2. Make your selection from the drop-down menu labelled “Inventory” located at the very bottom of the screen.
  3. Click the “Look” button that appears directly next to your avatar in order to make changes to your character’s physical appearance.
  4. Once you are satisfied that the necessary alterations to your character have been made, you can proceed by tapping the OK button.
  5. Tap the Purchase button when you are certain that you want to make the alteration that will cost you BP. The exact sum is going to be determined by the specific changes that you want made.

How to Reset Your Appearance in PUBG


Can you reset in PUBG?

Next, scroll all the way down until you locate PUBG, then press on it. On this screen, you will find an option that allows you to reset the application as well as clean the application’s cache. First, select the option to clear the app’s cache, and then select the option to reset the app. You can do repeated taps on the alternatives above if you want to make absolutely certain that the action is carried out.

How do you unlock appearance in PUBG Mobile?

You will first need to purchase the “Royale Elite Pass” in order to get access to the locked faces and hairstyles. Then, once you have earned a particular amount of R.P., you will be able to unlock and acquire the styles that are currently unavailable to you. On the character reset page, you will have the opportunity to see your new appearance before it is applied.

Is PUBG a top 500 Conqueror?

There is no predetermined point ranking in PUBG Mobile that indicates at what stage a player will be awarded the Conqueror tag. Instead, advancement to the conqueror tier is granted to the top 500 players on any given server. When a player reaches the Ace tier (4,200 points) and is ranked in the top 500, that player has the opportunity to advance to the Conqueror tier.

What comes after ace in PUBG?

After an ace, the PUBG mobile ranking will be adjusted. They add two new tiers that have been given the names Ace Master and Ace Dominator respectively. Before C1S1, you received one star for every 100 points you gained after reaching the Ace tier. After C1S1, however, you would advance to the appropriate tier only after reaching the Ace and Ace Master levels.

How do I create a custom character in PUBG?

The personalization engine is able to accommodate both male and female shapes. When starting a new game of PUBG for the first time, you will be presented with the player customization screen. From this screen, you will be able to select your gender (male or female) and then modify various aspects of your character’s appearance, such as their face, face colour, hair, and hair colour.