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How to Spoiler an Image on Discord Mobile (iPhone, iOS, Android)


Discord is a big platform that allows you to create communities, communicate with others, and keep in contact with your friends and family. Use it to connect with people via text messaging, phone talks, and even video calls if you so want. Because it is a very versatile piece of software, you can use it on both your mobile device and your desktop computer. You will learn how to conceal a photo as a spoiler on your Android and Apple mobile devices in this post, guaranteeing that you do not ruin the experience by revealing anything that others may not want to see.

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How to Spoiler an Image on Discord Mobile

In comparison to mobile devices, it is much easier to ruin an image with Discord on desktop computers. In order to access more choices in many apps, you will need to use one of the usual ways that are employed when opening up additional options in many mobile applications.

Tap on the + button in the text window

Click on the plus sign button, which is located next to the text section where you enter your messages, to see the option of including a picture with your message.

Select the image you would like to spoiler

Navigate through your photographs and choose the photo that you’d like to submit and enter for the competition. When you select an image, it will not be sent instantly!

Tap and hold the selected image

The image that you selected should now be shown in the textbox area that you generated previously. To bring up the photo’s settings pane, choose the image, hold it for a second, and then release the touch.

Tap on the Mark as spoiler checkbox

When the options box is visible, you should be able to see the choice to “Mark as spoiler.” To designate a picture as a spoiler, choose it from the drop-down menu and then press the X at the top of the window to shut it.

Verify the spoiler image

The picture in your text window should now seem to be hazy as a result of this change. If it doesn’t, then something has gone wrong, and I would have to start over from the very beginning. Text can be included in your message if you so choose, but it is not needed to do so.

Send the spoiler image

Once you’ve confirmed that the image has truly been spoilered, you may email it, and it should upload the image to the server with the word SPOILER clearly shown on the image. Hopefully, other people will be able to touch on the image to see what it looks like now!

You now understand how to ruin a picture on a mobile device in Discord, which is all you need to know.



How do you do spoiler text in Discord mobile?

Spoiler tags are now available on mobile devices.

Spoilers may be added to text on mobile devices using the same Markdown syntax as on desktop computers. Wrapping your content in bars ||exactly like this|| will ensure that it appears as spoilers when you upload it. This is also applicable to embedded links. A spoiler may be created by wrapping a link within a block of text.

How do I spoiler images on discord?

The “Mark as Spoiler” checkbox should be selected in order to conceal the picture or file after it has been transmitted, and then click “Upload.” When you send an image or file to Discord, the image or file will display in the channel behind spoiler tags. You may select “Spoiler” to turn off the spoiler view and look at the file directly.