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How to Stop Autoplaying Videos in the Facebook App


By following the instructions provided on this page, you will be able to disable the feature within the Facebook app so that you will be required to click on a reel in order to view it. If you merely do not want the reels to play automatically everytime the app is opened on your device, this is a great option to consider using.

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How to Stop Autoplaying Videos in the Facebook App

You will find instructions in this section on how to disable the autoplay function for videos that are housed within the Facebook app itself.

1. Tap the button that’s labelled “Menu” within the Facebook app in order to access the app’s menu.

How to Stop Autoplaying Videos in the Facebook App

2. You can access the button that manages your settings and privacy by simply scrolling down until you reach it.

How to Stop Autoplaying Videos in the Facebook App

3. Tap Settings.

How to Stop Autoplaying Videos in the Facebook App

4. Tap Media.

How to Stop Autoplaying Videos in the Facebook App

5. To disable the function that plays videos without your intervention, select the option that says “Never Autoplay video.”


How do I turn off autoplay on Iphone?

When a music is playing, you can control it by tapping the mini-player along the bottom. To proceed, select the ‘Up Next’ symbol located at the bottom-right corner of the screen. You will see a playlist of songs that are queued up if the autoplay function is turned on. To disable the feature, tap the icon that looks like a play button.

What does the Autoplay icon look like?

The Autoplay icon is represented by a symbol that looks like a circle with an infinity sign in the middle of it. If everything was done correctly, the Autoplay playlist should disappear immediately, and from this point forward, music will not begin playing on its own whenever you open Apple Music.

Where is my video playback settings on iPhone XR?

Launch the Settings app on your iPhone, then scroll down until you locate the option labelled “Videos.” You will now be able to choose the playback quality that most closely matches your requirements. We recommend that, when using mobile data, you set the playback quality to “Good” in order to minimise the amount of data that is consumed during playing.

Why is my phone playing music by itself?

Some phone and app configurations enable music to play automatically whenever the device detects an external audio source, such as headphones or speakers. This can be accomplished in a number of different ways. You could try using a toothpick to remove the lint and debris that is lodged in the jack in order to solve this issue. Take extra precautions to avoid using anything abrasive or sharp that could potentially scratch the screen of the phone.

Why is my iPhone playing music by itself?

The Music app on the iPhone is responsible for automatically playing music on the device in the vast majority of situations. It is irrelevant whether you are utilising an application developed by a third party or Apple’s in-house music app; both of them are capable of continuing to function in the background. Therefore, you will need to manually close the application in order to ensure that it will not continue playing by itself.