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How to Stream Amazon Prime on Discord


You may share your games with friends in a speech channel using the game streaming feature of Discord, but you can also use it to broadcast video from services like Amazon Prime Video. If you and your friends have been seeking for a way to spend time together watching a movie but are unable to do so in person, here is a simple method for accomplishing that goal. This post will walk you through the steps required to stream content from Amazon Prime Video on Discord.

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How to Stream Amazon Prime on Discord

The following is the procedure for streaming Prime Video on Discord:

1. Launch Discord, then select the gear symbol from the top menu.

How to Stream Amazon Prime on Discord

2. Click Registered Games.

How to Stream Amazon Prime on Discord

3. Simply click the Add it button!

How to Stream Amazon Prime on Discord

4. To select, click the button.

How to Stream Amazon Prime on Discord

5. Visit the Prime Video website.

How to Stream Amazon Prime on Discord

6. Click the Add Game button.

How to Stream Amazon Prime on Discord

7. To close the window, use the “X” icon located in the top right corner of the screen.

How to Stream Amazon Prime on Discord

8. You may access Prime Video for Windows by selecting the monitor icon that is located below the channel listing.

How to Stream Amazon Prime on Discord

9. After making your selections for the voice channel, resolution, and frame rate, click the Go Live button.

10. You are currently watching Prime Video while you chat in a Discord channel. You can watch it together if you invite your friends to come over and join you.

How to Stream Amazon Prime on Discord


How do I stream my Nintendo Switch on Discord?

Establish a connection between your Nintendo Switch and your personal computer, play the game while it is displayed in a video player, and then discuss it on Discord. You are able to accomplish the same thing using a PlayStation. There is an app available for Xbox consoles that enables users to stream Xbox games to the Discord platform.

Can you stream in a Discord DM?

Yes. To call someone, select the Call icon, then the Screen Share symbol, and finally the Application Window icon. Choose the game or programme window that you want to stream, and then click the Share button.

Can You Screen Share Movies on Discord?

Yes. One of the features that comes standard with Discord is the ability to share one’s screen with other users.

 Is It Legal to Stream Amazon Prime on Discord?

It depends. It is totally permissible for you to show content from Prime to a select group of people, like as close friends or family members, as long as the group does not exceed five people. Making content accessible to a wider audience, on the other hand, is a violation of copyright regulations, and if you are caught doing so, you might find yourself in some serious legal trouble.

Why Am I Unable to Share Prime Video Over Discord?

The utilisation of antiquated Discord software, the utilisation of hardware acceleration, the presence of a corrupted cache, or the running of an excessive number of apps concurrently are some of the reasons why the sharing of Prime Video over Discord may fail. In order to solve your problem, you should give the troubleshooting tips indicated above a try.