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How to Turn Off TalkBack on Android


TalkBack is a feature of Android that will read aloud any material that is displayed on the screen. You can disable TalkBack on your Android device by using either the Settings app or the Google Assistant app if you find that you do not require its use. We’ll demonstrate how to do it. In the future, if you find that you require the TalkBack functionality, you can turn on the feature on your phone by using the toggle.

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How to Turn Off TalkBack on Android

Use Google Assistant

You have the ability to ask Google Assistant on your Android phone to disable TalkBack on your behalf if you are using it. This is a straightforward and speedy method for turning off the feature.

To begin using it, you must first bring up Google Assistant. The manner in which you carry out this action is determined by the configuration of the feature. You can activate the Google Assistant in a few different ways: by saying “Hey Google,” by pressing and holding down the Home button, or by launching the Google app and tapping the microphone icon.

How to Turn Off TalkBack on Android

Say the following to activate Google Assistant once it’s ready to hear you:

How to Turn Off TalkBack on Android

The Assistant will verify that the feature has been disabled on your device when it has done so.

How to Turn Off TalkBack on Android

The end, as they say. Your phone’s TalkBack feature has been deactivated at this time.


Why is my phone talking to me?

It’s possible that you activated TalkBack without meaning to when you were setting up your phone. TalkBack is an application that was developed to provide individuals with visual impairments with voice input. During the first setup of your phone, if you found that TalkBack was on by accident, you can deactivate it. TalkBack may be turned off immediately on any device running Android 8 or a later version.

What is Google TalkBack for?

TalkBack is a screen reader developed by Google that comes pre-installed on all Android handsets. TalkBack allows you to operate your smartphone without needing to use your eyes. Your device’s configuration will differ depending on the brand of your device, the Android version, and the TalkBack version. These support pages should work with most devices, but there may be some specifics that are unique to your setup.

What is TalkBack button?

TalkBack is the screen reader offered by Google. It allows you to use your device without having to look at the display by providing verbal feedback for what you tap, select, and activate on the screen.

Who uses TalkBack?

TalkBack is Google’s screen reader application for mobile devices running Android. Without first-hand experience, it’s difficult to comprehend the accessibility problems that exist within Android. Spend the next five minutes reading this post, then download this cheat sheet, and then head over to your TalkBack app to investigate it on your own.

Why does TalkBack automatically start?

Because of a known flaw, the TalkBack feature on your Android device could be activated without your awareness. When TalkBack is activated, the mobile device will produce a voice response if certain actions are performed, such as navigating between the pages of the home screen or creating a folder on the home screen.