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How to Unhide a Reply in Twitter


There is no way to refute the tremendous growth that Twitter has seen. It is now more than just a social networking platform, particularly when one considers how it has developed into a hotspot for hashtag activism over the course of the past few years. If you are the owner of a Twitter thread and you are also the person who hid the reply, you have the ability to unhide the reply at any time. This only applies if you are the person who hid the reply. This guide will instruct you on how to unhide a reply in Twitter so that you can access it. So let’s get started:

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How to Unhide a Reply in Twitter

Tweets that contain hidden replies will include an icon labeled “hidden reply” somewhere along with the other details of the status. Anyone who views your tweet will be able to see the icon and access the responses you have concealed from view. To reveal a previously hidden reply in your tweet, select the “hidden reply” button and either click or touch on it.

How to Unhide a Reply in Twitter

After that, find the response that you want to unhide, and then either click or tap on the down arrow that is linked with the tweet.

How to Unhide a Reply in Twitter

Tap or click the button labeled “Unhide reply.”

How to Unhide a Reply in Twitter

The previously concealed tweet will now be displayed just beneath the primary tweet.


What happens if I hide a reply on Twitter?

You also have the option to conceal unpleasant answers to your tweets, even if you can’t erase them entirely. Replies that are marked as hidden are deleted from the chat, but you (and anyone else) can still access them by making one or two further taps. The steps to conceal, see, and unhide replies on Twitter are outlined below for your convenience.

Does hiding a comment hide replies?

The individual who originally posted the comment and their friends will still be able to see it after it has been deleted. This may help avoid more comments that are undesirable. Everyone else besides you won’t be able to see the comment. The comment, along with any replies to it, will be concealed.

Are Twitter replies visible to everyone?

If the receiver is following the sender, replies, much like mentions, will also appear in the Home timeline of the recipient. Who else sees it? Everyone who is following both the person who sent the message and the person who received it will see it in their Home timeline.

How do you embed a Tweet in a reply?

To interact with the Tweet, click the icon that is included in it. Choose the Embed Tweet option from the menu. This will open the website for you, where you can modify the appearance of the embedded Tweet by selecting the set customization settings button. You have the option to conceal the initial Tweet by selecting the “Hide Conversation” check box if the current Tweet is a response to another Tweet.

Can you search Twitter replies?

Tweets can be sorted according to replies and links.

You can choose whether you only want to view Tweets that contain links or whether you only want to view Tweets that have replies in the Filters section of Twitter’s advanced search. You have the ability to turn on and off replies and links. If you choose to turn either option on, you will then be given the opportunity to specify whether you want to view only tweets of a particular kind.