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How to Meet and Romance Thanatos in Hades


Thanatos will not remain within the House of Hades indefinitely just so that people can easily talk to him there. In the battlefield, players will have to come up against him in order to both cooperate and compete with one another. In each given run, at the beginning of each encounter, there is a remote possibility that Thanatos will spawn and challenge Zagreus to a competition to see who can dispatch the greatest number of enemies. This will cause a sequence to begin in which many waves of opponents will spawn one after the other, and both the player and Thanatos will attempt to eliminate as many of these foes as they can in order to determine who is the more powerful of the two. This article will describe how to meet Thanatos in Hades and begin a romantic relationship with him. So let’s get started:

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How to Meet and Romance Thanatos in Hades

Thanatos will most likely show up in the House of Hades after each run in which he is encountered; however, this is not a given because the personification of death is very busy and may not always have time to converse. But, once Zagreus is able to communicate with him, players will have the opportunity to strengthen the friendship between the two powerful warriors in Hades by presenting them with unique presents.

1 – Give Thanatos Nectar:

How to Meet and Romance Thanatos in Hades

Giving Nectar & Getting The Pierced Butterfly

Players have the option of giving Thanatos Nectar when they first meet him in a run or afterward if he can be found in the House of Hades. It is important to keep in mind, however, that if he is given some Nectar in a run, he won’t accept any the next time he appears in the House of Hades, as these somewhat count as a single encounter to the game’s engine. Players can give Thanatos Nectar when they Thanatos will bestow upon Zagreus the Pierced Butterfly as a Keepsake the very first time that the player offers him some nectar. This keepsake will boost the amount of damage done by the player whenever they successfully complete an encounter without receiving any damage themselves.

One will be able to offer Thanatos a total of six Nectar before he will refuse any more offerings. After this point, the players will be required to complete a Favor for him before being able to develop their bond any further. Nevertheless, this work is not particularly difficult to find or complete as it is essentially just a dialogue event that will occur spontaneously throughout the game.

Thanatos’ Favor

After feeding Thanatos 6 Nectar, the next time the player encounters him in a run, he will give some conversation about the player being strong enough to get out of the Underworld by themself. After this fight, the next time the player discovers him in the House of Hades, they will be able to start offering him Ambrosia.

2 – Give Thanatos Ambrosia

How to Meet and Romance Thanatos in Hades

Giving Ambrosia & Getting Companion Mort

Ambrosia can be given to Thanatos in a manner analogous to that of Nectar whenever a player encounters him either during a run or later on in the House of Hades. When the player gives Thanatos some Ambrosia for the first time, he will deliver Zagreus Companion Mort. Zagreus Companion Mort is a character who can be utilized in combat to call Thanatos for a devastating but brief attack.

Fully Romancing Thanatos

After successfully completing Thanatos’ Favor, you will need 4 Ambrosia in order to gain maximum Affinity with him. After that, the player will find the embodiment of death in Zagreus’ room, where they will be forced to make a choice between remaining friends with their fellow fighter or becoming lovers with them.


What is Thanatos spawn rate?

Here are some helpful hints for those of you who are having problems battling Thanatos: 1. There is a one in ten probability that he will be spawned by you. 2. You must have completed three chambers in Elysium or Asphodel and have suffered damage in each of the five most recent confrontations you’ve participated in.

How do I unlock Thanatos companion?

You can get the companion Mort by first building up a high level of trust with Thanatos and then presenting him with a gift of Ambrosia. When you use Mort in combat, Thanatos will appear to lend you a hand. After a brief pause, he will materialise in front of you and deal 3,500 damage in a broad, circular area. He will then vanish.

Does Thanatos love Zagreus?

Whenever Thanatos enters your room, the romantic connection between Zagreus and Thanatos will be finished, and you will have the choice to either a) kiss Thanatos or b) continue to be friends with him. Thanatos, in contrast to Dusa, does in fact have romantic sentiments for Zagreus; nevertheless, how you choose to respond to this information is entirely up to you.

Can you romance both Thanatos and Meg?

You are free to pursue a romantic relationship with Thanatos, Dusa, and Megaera all at the same time without any adverse effects.

What is the easiest companion to get in Hades?

The most straightforward approach is undoubtedly Dusa. If you offer her nectars and embellish the seating area with gems, she will eventually come around. Feed npcs ambrosia if they express a desire for it. Particularly if you have completed all of their individual tasks.

How do you unlock Artemis Hades?

She mentions about Callisto in a total of seven separate lines of dialogue throughout the book. Because you must observe each of them, simply keep chatting with her; the relevant information will eventually present itself in the course of the game. Thanks!