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How To Efficiently Tame A Bear in Atlas


Bear is a big and awesome animal to tame among the other creatures you can find in Atlas. Not only that they will provide a great way for you to gather Fiber and Berries, but they can also become your fearsome furry friend as well.

Taming a bear can be a bit difficult as they have a strong attack which can quickly drain your health. And unlike the other easy animals to catch, this mighty creature is able to dish out hefty blows and cut you down in short measure.

What I’m trying to say is, you will need to know the best and safest way to efficiently tame a bear. Interested? Then make sure you read this article carefully.

How To Efficiently Tame A Bear in Atlas

  • Prepare your Taming Pen

Yes, this is definitely the first important thing you have to do before you will start to tame a bear. You need to be close enough to the bear spawn point which you can easily run back to it once you make the creature angry.

If you’re trying to take a high-level bear, then Taming Pen is something you will absolutely want to look into before you set out to tame it.

  • Prepare the food items for tame the bear

In the taming process. you will have to feed the bear with its required foods as well. Make sure you gather up all the food items and make some preparations.

Here’s the list of food items for tame the bear:

  • Honey – most effective.
  • Vegetables – second most effective taming item.
  • Fruits – less effective than vegetables, but not the least effective.
  • Berries – the least effective taming item that you can use on bears.
  • Prepare Some Bolas

Next step is, you will need to prepare some Bolas, which can be craft in your Loom, but you will have to unlock the Taming Skill first before you do it. Once you have unlocked the Taming Skill, then you can visit your Loom and craft yourself a few Bolas.

If you’re desired to tame a higher level bear, then you might need at least five Bolas to ensure your safety.

  • Start Taming

Now that all your equipment ready, you can start on the hunt for a bear to tame. Find a bear in a wild which you would like to tame. However, don’t get rush with for the first bear that you find, instead, find a higher level one to give you the best advantage once it tamed.

  • Use Weapon

Once you have found a bear, use a ranged weapon to get its attention. A bow works best here, as it won’t injure the bear too much, but it will make the bear chase after you.

  • Lead The Bear to Taming Pen

Run back to your Taming Pen when the bear starts to chase after you, then get out from the back door before shutting the gate to trap it inside. Now you can strike the bear from the window of your Taming Pen, reduce its health to below 20%, then use your bolas to paralyze it.

  • Feed the Bear

After you reduce its health to below 20%, now you can approach the bear and feed it with honey to tame the creature. Once the bolas timer runs down, leave the pen and repeat the same steps until you’ve fully tamed the bear and get the chance to name it.

Congratulations, now you have successfully tamed a bear! This mighty beast creature will give you hands in combat to defeat your enemies, which will level up your game.

Now you can carry on your journey with your ship to discover the new lands in Atlas, along with your new awesome furry friend.

Atlas is currently available exclusively on PC.

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