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How To Build A Quick Taming Pen in Atlas


Atlas game provides a huge world for you to explore, along with the various grids and islands. To get survive in the game, you need to eat some foods and also balance your vitamins. And to get some foods, you will have to tame for different animals like bears, wolves, rabbits, or even lions.

Unfortunately, there’s no option of narcoberries and other tranquilizers in Atlas, as we can found in Ark: Survival Evolved game. Means, you will have to tame the animals with old-fashioned way. Don’t worry, in this article, you will learn how to build a simple and quick taming pen in order to make it easier for you to tame the animals.

How To Build A Taming Pen in Atlas?

Taming the animals in Atlas might be quite different with taming on predatory animals in Ark, but the basics of the taming pen mostly same. And a taming pen is also compulsory in the game, especially if you’re trying to tame animals like wolves or lions.

Here are the steps you need to follow to build a taming pen:

  • Build a large gate to make sure that you can use it to lead the animals inside, and this gate will be the primary point of entry for your taming pen
  • Make a big enough enclosure for the animal that you’re trying to tame, most creatures should be fine with a small 4 by 4 enclosure, however, you should expand as needed
  • Make a little wiggle room for the creature, if you don’t want the animal to glitch through the walls
  • Put a door on the back that you can exit out of, to make a speedy escape once the beast is trapped
  • Set up a “kill zone” of sorts, this is where you will damage the creature enough to be able to knock it out
  • Use windows or hatches in the roof of your taming pen to damage the beast that you are trying to tame

Once you knock the animals down in your taming pen, then you will see the animals’ health drops below 20%. Here you can feed the animals by using one of the Bolas (in the Bola System you can find in the game) which you crafted at your Loom in order to capture it.

You might need to feed an animal several times before it tames, and you may also need to hit it with the Bola multiple times to complete the taming process.

Now your taming pen is ready for you to use in taming the animals which you need in order to survive and reach the max levels in the game with your own built ship. Are you ready to tame the wild animals out there?

On the other hand, don’t forget that you will also have to eat some fish meat to balance your vitamins which will support you to carry on your journey in the game.

Atlas is currently available exclusively on PC.

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