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How to Upgrade Blueprints in Dying Light 2


In Dying Light 2, you play the role of an artisan of the coming Dark Age, and the blueprints you collect serve as your tools. You have gained the ability to craft, which entails repurposing waste materials such as garbage and scraps into helpful items such as medication, immunity enhancers, and traps for monsters. However, you still find that you are lacking something.

You are capable of healing, but you want to be able to heal more. The hand grenade you have there is quite cool, but imagine if it had a louder explosion. You merely need to update your plans in order to make any of these things a reality. If you prepare in advance, the procedure that is used to upgrade blueprints is a simple one. Relax here while we take you step by step through it.

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How to Upgrade Blueprints in Dying Light 2

Blueprints, which are the recipes that can be used to create useful tools, buffs, and weapon upgrades, all have tiers. Every one begins at Level 1, and as you upgrade it, it will get progressively more powerful. Although it’s not a complicated concept, putting it into practise will need some effort on your behalf.

How to Upgrade Blueprints in Dying Light 2

Your first order of business is to find a Craftmaster. These merchants can be discovered at each of Dying Light 2’s key hubs, such as the Bazaar and the Fish Eye, among other places. It doesn’t matter which faction you choose; as you assign more Facilities, such as water towers and electrical substations, and shift the alignment of the cities, some of them will appear in other locations around the map.

Craftmasters are responsible for two primary activities. They will sell you new blueprints, which will enable you to create a growing variety of items that will make it easier to kill infected enemies. Some of the blueprints are higher than Level 1, allowing you to get a head start on the game. In addition to that, they improve blueprints. A Craftmaster can improve the quality of any blueprints you have that have upgrade slots that are still accessible.

How to Upgrade Blueprints in Dying Light 2

You can improve the blueprints for everything, from consumables and weapon upgrades to Nightrunner tools and accessories. Even resources such as lockpicks are included. Despite how talented they are, Craftmasters are not compensated for their time. The price of upgrading will grow with each new level that is unlocked. But we aren’t just talking about money here because that would be too simple. Craftmasters require Infected Trophies, which serve as evidence that a player has defeated unique Infected or obtained Military Tech via Airdrops.

Collect Infected Trophies in order to upgrade your Blueprints.

There are three distinct flavours of infected trophies. Things that are uncommon are actually quite common. You should have little trouble locating these on Virals, Spitters, or Howlers. If you consistently update blueprints, you will go through a significant number of these. When you finish out one of these Infected, don’t forget to grab some stuff before moving on.

How to Upgrade Blueprints in Dying Light 2

Rare trophies are a little bit more difficult to track down. It is best to go out at night if you want to find and farm these, as this is the most effective technique. On your map, you will notice that certain Infected have been tagged. You will regularly come across a blue mark that denotes the presence of a rare Infected creature in the area. The Goons, Bolters, and Banshees are the ones you’re looking for. They must be smashed with a heavy object, after which the trophy must be collected, and the game must continue.

The most difficult to come by are Unique Infected Trophies. These are dropped by the Infected that serve as bosses. They are hard to come by and when they do appear, they put up a vicious fight. Chargers, Demolishers, and Volatiles all contribute to the creation of these. These items can also be looted from the Infected that you defeat in Anomalies.

Once you have all of your trophies, you may turn them in along with any Old-World Money that may be required (Craftmasters have to eat!). This will cause your blueprints to level up. Your currently held consumables and mods will not be affected by this update; however, any new crafts you make will have their quality increased. That wraps up our walkthrough on upgrading blueprints in Dying Light 2!


Can you upgrade gear Dying Light 2?

In Dying Light 2, the majority of the game’s major villages are home to a specialised merchant known as a Craftmaster. Not only do these technical whizzes sell a plethora of crafting recipes for consumables, throwable weapons, and weapon upgrades, but they can also upgrade the formulas you currently have in your possession.

Can you buy blueprints in Dying Light 2?

There are several more hidden, difficult-to-find blueprints in Dying Light 2 that can only be found by exploring Villedor. While the majority of the blueprints can be obtained in Dying Light 2 by purchasing them outright from a variety of faction vendors or Craftmasters, these can be found by exploring Villedor.

What is the strongest weapon in Dying Light 2?

In Dying Light 2, Aiden’s feet are far superior to any of the game’s other weapons, including axes, crossbows, spears, spike traps, and exploding automobiles.

Is there a secret gun in Dying Light 2?

Players will need to climb to the very top of the VNC Tower in Dying Light 2 in order to find the location of the hidden weapon Cyber Hands 2177. Players will need to finish the Broadcast mission in order to unlock the door leading to the top of the tower. Following successful completion of the mission, players will have the opportunity to take an elevator straight to the top of the tower.