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How to Use the Cartridge in Atomic Heart


In Atomic Heart, you’ll face up against a wide variety of robots in a variety of guises. You won’t have any trouble beating some of them, while others will make your life a living nightmare. You will be relieved to know that the developers have been nice enough to include a number of weapons and other fighting mechanics to assist you in fending off the robots. Yet, the most perplexing aspect of Atomic Heart for a number of gamers is figuring out how to use the cartridges. You will learn how to use the cartridge in the atomic heart by reading this page. So let’s get started:

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How to Use the Cartridge in Atomic Heart

Unlocking the NORA station is the first step that must be taken in order to utilize cartridges in your game. You will eventually run into one of them during the early parts of the game, and when you do, it will give you a rather difficult time the first time you do battle with it. On the other hand, once the station’s lock is broken, it will appear in a variety of places once it has been relocated.

How to Use the Cartridge in Atomic Heart

You are able to accomplish a variety of things with NORA, one of which is personalizing your weaponry. There is no need to bother about unlocking the Slot Cartridge attachment because it is already included with each and every weapon. Nevertheless, in order to use any of the game’s three cartridges—ice, electric, or fire—you will need to construct it yourself using the game’s crafting system.

Once you have obtained the recipes for each of the three cartridges, you will only be able to make them yourself. You won’t be able to locate them right away in the game, but after you’ve made some headway, you’ll eventually get your hands on one of the recipes. It is imperative that you continue to rummage through any and all enormous chests that you come across since the recipes are tucked away inside of them.

How to Use the Cartridge in Atomic Heart

After you have discovered the recipe for the cartridge, you should travel to NORA in order to create it. After that, navigate to your weapon wheel and select the icon that is positioned in the centre bottom of the wheel. If you have already created the weapon, this menu will allow you to select any cartridge you want for it, regardless of the type. After that, you can begin inflicting damage of a certain element against your foes by utilizing the weapon. You won’t be able to avoid wasting your resources if you don’t employ these abilities against foes that have some kind of vulnerability to a certain type of element.


Is Atomic Heart a Russian game?

Atomic Heart was developed by the gaming studio Mundfish, which has its roots in Cyprus and was established in 2017. On the other hand, it has connections to Russia. Robert Bagratuni, the company’s creator, is originally from Russia and received his education in aerophysics and space science in Moscow. In addition, a 2019 article published in a Russian publication makes reference to a studio located in Moscow.

How to equip skills in Atomic Heart?

Spending Neuropolymer enables you to acquire Atomic Heart talents, albeit the exact amount of this resource required varies depending on the upgrade. In the RPG game, if you have the necessary amount of Neuropolymer, you can unlock additional talents whenever you choose starting from the middle of each skill tree. But, you will need to have previously acquired those skills.

How do you do weapon skills?

Making use of one’s Weapon Skills is a simple and uncomplicated process. Players who are using the controller can engage their Weapon Skill by hitting the left trigger or the L2 button. However, players who are using the keyboard must simultaneously press the Shift key and click the Right Mouse Button in order to activate their Weapon Skill.

Is Atomic Heart open-world?

If you went into Atomic Heart with the expectation that it would be a semi-open-world adventure with side-quests and other supplementary activities, you are in for a world of hurt. I was the same way. Atomic Heart, on the other hand, is a linear experience that masquerades as having a more open structure.

Will Atomic Heart have DLC?

There are several cosmetic DLCs available right now, and there is also story DLC that is still being developed. According to the information that Mundfish and the publisher, Focus Entertainment, have disclosed, there will be a total of “four DLCs, offering up access to additional regions and labs as well as new weaponry, new opponents, bosses, and more!”