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How to Write an Essay: Steps and Guidelines for College Students


Some people believe that writing an essay is as straightforward as sitting before a computer and typing. However, professionally writing an essay necessitates a great deal of planning.

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Overall, the following are some of the key steps in the essay writing process to help you get started and boost your skills:


Before you start writing your essay, it’s usually a good idea to brainstorm your ideas. Try to come up with as many concepts for your essay as possible, depending on the question or topic. Consider as many as you can within the time you have because you will discard the less significant ones afterward.


Outlining your essay and gathering resources to use as evidence is part of the preparation process. Examine the outcomes of your brainstorming while isolating the ideas that are critical to your thesis’s support. After that, structure them in a progressive and logical order. Therefore, start researching now if you’re looking for empirical proof or supplementary citations.


Drafting is the part of the essay writing process where you actually roll up your sleeves and create the first draft. Keep in mind that not everything has to be perfect since it is your first draft and not the final. Therefore, allow yourself to make mistakes. Otherwise, you’ll miss the broader picture if you only focus on making every word correct.


This phase includes your second, third, and probably the tenth draft, if possible. Revise the first draft and ensure that it includes all of the intricacies and subtleties you missed earlier when writing.

Consider word choice and simplicity, as well as advanced writing methods such as refraining from using passive voice. If you are uncertain about your writing abilities, you can use an essay writing tool to help you make your writing more legible, clear, and concise.


After completing all of the heavy-duty edits, it’s time to give it one more polish. So carefully proofread your essay as you correct any wrong spellings, formatting errors, or grammatical mistakes.

Structure of an Essay

The structure of an essay usually follows a straightforward beginning-middle-end framework. In this case, it follows an introduction-body-conclusion outline. What makes the difference, nevertheless, is the content in these portions.

  • Introduction

Essay openers follow the same rules as any other writing piece, with more stress on presenting the essay prominently and ideally in the topic phrase. The person reading should know precisely what your essay is about at the end of the introduction paragraph.

  • The body

This is the part of the essay where you thoroughly establish your point of view. Each paragraph in the body should have at least one main idea or assertion. It should also be backed by evidence and appropriate examples from scholarly literature like journal articles and academic books. The body paragraphs together provide the foundation of your argument.

  • The conclusion

The conclusion of your essay should wrap up or conclude your work in a way that is easy to understand. You can include a new viewpoint or context for comprehending your thesis if you have the chance to. However, the conclusion part should not contain any new thought, evidence, or backup facts in general. Instead, it needs to be a review of the entire essay.

Bottom Line

An essay is a piece of writing that expresses your point of view on a subject, be it academic, editorial, or comical. Hence, there’s a lot that goes into creating a good piece. Luckily, these essay writing ideas will guide you through the process and put you on the road to a well-crafted essay.

Generally, there are many different ways to write an essay and a thousand various themes to select from. However, keep in mind that successful essay writing follows a similar outline.