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Incredibly, “Hogwarts Legacy” has sold 12 million copies in just two weeks


The initial official Hogwarts Legacy figures have been tallied, and they are significantly greater than you probably anticipated they would be. Hogwarts Legacy is producing really incredible statistics for Warner Bros., despite the fact that a AAA Harry Potter role-playing game was always going to do well in the market. Hogwarts Legacy has generated an estimated $850 million in sales in just the first two weeks after its release, according to a recent announcement that the game has already sold 12 million copies. It is without a doubt the most successful launch for a WB game, which has already established records for the number of concurrent viewers on Twitch and came close to setting records for the number of single-player games sold on Steam.

It is difficult to stress how fantastic this is coming from a production firm, Avalanche, that has spent the majority of the past two decades primarily working on licenced Disney games, with its most recent project being Cars 3. But, they increased their workforce in order to rise to the challenge and make Hogwarts Legacy a smashing success. As a point of reference, within the first three weeks after its release, Cyberpunk 2077 racked up sales of 13.7 million copies. In theory, Hogwarts Legacy could not only surpass that mark, but it is likely to have a much healthier tail given that interest in Cyberpunk cratered after negative word of mouth spread about the technical issues with the game, and it was pulled off the PlayStation store. Hogwarts Legacy is expected to have a much healthier tail.

The eventual winner of Game of the Year in 2017 was Elden Ring, which sold 12 million copies, although it did it in just 18 days. They just made the announcement that they sold 20 million in their first year of business. It looks that the cumulative sales for Hogwarts Legacy will reach 20 million within the same timeframe, if not sooner. Only games like Modern Warfare 2, which achieved sales of one billion dollars in its first 10 days, are capable of surpassing what Hogwarts Legacy has accomplished in this regard. Or, of course, there’s Grand Theft Auto 5, the all-time best-selling video game, which racked up one billion dollars in sales in just three days. Yet, the fact that it is once again among these legends despite the fact that it is a completely new series from a relatively unknown creator truly speaks something.

The anti-trans words and stances held by J.K. Rowling were the impetus for the boycott of Hogwarts Legacy, which took place in the background of all of this. Even though it has given rise to a heated debate online about whether or not fans ought to play the game and whether or not doing so lends support to Rowling and her opinions, the fact remains that this debate simply does not have sufficient reach to be a factor in the purchasing decisions made by the general public. As a matter of fact, a high-budget, open-world Harry Potter game was always going to sell incredibly well. Now that the reviews are in and the game appears to very much be delighting fans, it has a long life ahead of it and is likely to continue to do so.