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Jaiden Animations Vtuber


American Vtuber, animator, artist, and comedian Jaiden Animations is known for her story-time animation videos and speed-painting tutorials on her daily life. She is also an animator, and her focus is on video games. Her Jaidenhere channel features only five videos as of August 2022.

Jaiden has joined Youtuber as a vtuber since Aug 15, 2020. As of 19th December 2022, she has uploaded 7 videos on her channel and has 543K total number of subscribers.

Jaiden is not one of those vtubers who flood their streamlines, instead she is posting a video with the gap of 1 to 3 months.

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Jaiden Animations Face Reveal

As seen this picture on jaiden’s instagram profile with her parrot it is her real picture a beautiful girl behind virtual art.

Jaiden Animations Personal Life

Jaiden is 25 years old, and her date of birth is September 27, 1997. Jaiden was born in Arizona and grew up there before moving to Los Angeles. Her parents were immigrants to Canada; her mom is Japanese, and her dad is German.

She said, “we like seeing them and they’re very lovely and yeah, we don’t like to live in a VOLCANO,” she and her family spent their summers in Arizona, traveling to Canada to visit her mother’s relatives who still live there.

Jaiden Animations Lifestyle

When interacting with other people, Jaiden is reserved and often nervous. She discusses these characteristics in several of her videos, the most notable of which is titled “Why I Don’t Have a Face Reveal.”

In this video, she also discusses her struggles with body dysmorphia and feelings of self-consciousness.

Her collaboration with Boyinaband on the song Empty and the music video that accompanied it. They discussed this topic in greater depth by describing the challenges she faced in overcoming an eating disorder.

As a result of the controversy that Boyinaband has been the target. Music video for the song has been removed from all music streaming services, and the song itself has been made private. Jaiden discusses her struggles with anxiety as well as depression in a video that she uploaded to YouTube and titled “Anxiety is the Greatest! (jokingly, it can go jump off a microwave)”.

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