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Kingdom Hearts 3 Update Schedule Revealed For The Epilogue and Secret Video


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Kingdom Hearts 3 is scheduled to be launched within 2 weeks, and some like other games, Kingdom Hearts 3 will also get day-one updates or launch updates. Yesterday, Square Enix has detailed its launch update schedule for the game, which revealed that there will be Epilogue and Secret video for Kingdom Hearts 3.

As shared on the official Twitter account,

From the tweet above, you can see that the update 1.01 for Kingdom Hearts 3 will go live on January 29, 2019, featuring data fixes and the Memory Archive. However, to watch the Epilogue and the Secret video, players will have to complete the game first.

You can see below for Kingdom Hearts 3 launch update schedule:

  • Tuesday, January 29
    Update 1.01 (several data fixes)
    Memory Archive (videos)
  • Wednesday, January 30
    Epilogue (video)
  • Thursday, January 31
    Secret (video)

In simple words, the players who have completed Kingdom Hearts III can begin to access the Epilogue video, and on January 31st, the Secret video will become available. Just like the Epilogue, only players who have completed Kingdom Hearts III will receive access to the Secret video.

Apparently, both pieces of content are intended to further the fans’ an”enjoyment of the world of Kingdom Hearts.”

Speaking of the game, Square Enix has explained there aren’t any Surprise Disney Worlds in the game,

“There are a lot of good, logical reasons for picking new Disney properties, like appealing to a wider audience; but honestly, the main reason we picked new worlds such as Frozen and Tangled was because they excited us.

In terms of gameplay, there’s a lot of unique and crazy things you can do with a snowman that keeps on talking after having his head removed from his body or a princess with super long golden hair. We’re not planning on revealing any surprise Disney worlds, but these new properties gave us a chance to come up with a lot of new and fresh ideas, that there will certainly be a lot of surprises with the gameplay.”

Kingdom Hearts 3 is scheduled to be released on January 29, 2019, for PS4 and Xbox One.

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