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Lords of the Fallen: How To Beat Pieta


Lords of The Fallen is a Soulslike with elements from all Souls games. Dark Souls’ visuals, Sekiro’s parry mechanic, and Bloodborne’s enemies are present. While not as smooth as other games published this year, Lords of the Fallen is worth playing if you like similar games. Without upgrades, Pieta is a tough opponent who is hard to kill. Lords of the Fallen players must fight differently based on their builds. Here’s how you beat Pieta in Lords of the Fallen:

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General Tips to Beat Pieta

The boss fight with Pieta is straightforward, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Soul flay does not work on bosses, just normal and elite mobs.
  • During the battle, don’t neglect your long-range weapon.
  • Put status affects on your weapons with consumable items to make combat easy on yourself.
  • You can easily call on an NPC for assistance before entering the arena if you’re having trouble with the boss.
  • Invest some time in learning the boss’s attack patterns to avoid being caught off guard.
  • Using a parry can drain some of your health, so keep an eye on the status screen to avoid an untimely demise.
  • To empty Pieta’s posture bar, you’ll need five or six parries against most classes.

How To Beat Pieta

For the first part of the battle, Pieta will focus on dealing physical damage to the player characters. When Pieta’s health drops below a certain threshold, she unleashes a flurry of spell-based assaults. If players are having trouble defeating Pieta, they can call on an NPC companion for assistance. The non-player character has respectable health and can be used as a useful diversion while the players deal damage to Pieta.

When confronting this boss, players need take in mind the following.

  • Pieta’s weapon is large enough that she can use it to reach behind her. This means that even if a player is attacking from behind, they will still be able to get hit.
  • She has been known to leap into the air and slash with ferocity after a brief pause.
  • When Pieta’s health drops to roughly 60%, she’ll spread her wings and go for the center of the arena. To evade her assaults, stay to the sides.
  • Two of the clones Pieta may conjure with her magic will fire beams from their weapons. This is another attack that can be avoided.
  • Pieta’s sword attack consists of a single clone slamming its blade into the ground or twirling around to deal damage.
  • Pieta can also switch up her attack by having two of her duplicates take to the air. They’ll run like crazy from beginning to conclusion. Get out of their way to prevent taking any extra hits.
  • In addition, Pieta will unleash a flurry of magical swords that will remove a significant amount of health from them.
  • If you can take down Pieta, you’ll be rewarded with a Vestige Seed and eight Umbral Scourings.

Lords of the Fallen: How To Beat Pieta

Don’t go anywhere just yet, though. Proceed inside Umbral and you will reach Pieta’s recollection. Invoke the memory of Pieta, the Blessed Renewer, with a soul-flaying ritual. Skyrest is where she can trade this for a new weapon and armor set. Pieta can be found in Skyrest after she has been defeated, and she will assist in the Sanguinatrix upgrade process.

Boss Rewards

After defeating Pieta, she will realize her mistake and become a vendor you can buy from. She has the ability to improve your Sanguinatrix, the game’s equivalent of a healing flask.

In addition, you’ll receive some Umbral Scourings, which may be exchanged with an Umbral Entity in the hub region for unique gifts, and a Vestige Seed, which can be planted in specific areas to grant quick access to a save point and rest site. If you give the same Umbral Entity a certain book in exchange for Umbral Scourings, it will also grant you Pieta’s armor and weapon.


How long does it take to beat Lords of the Fallen?

Lords of the Fallen’s campaign can be finished in about 35-45 hours. Keep in mind that there are many influencing elements.

What is the hardest boss in Lords of the Fallen?

Despite being an NPC at first, the boss fight against the Judge Cleric is one of the game’s most difficult.

Is there a max level in Lords of the Fallen?

Lords of the Fallen does not have a hard level cap, however there is a maximum level.

How many players is Lords of the Fallen?

Notably, Lords of the Fallen only allows for two-player co-op. However, unless the host explicitly disconnects them, co-op partners can stay in a session indefinitely.

How many weapons are there in Lords of the Fallen?

There are 12 unique classes of weapons. Dual-wielding allows players to combine weapons, expanding the possibilities for experimentation and customisation.