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One Customization Change Would Improve Elden Ring DLC


The upcoming downloadable content for Elden Ring has the potential to introduce one adjustment to the game’s personalization options that would make it even more enjoyable. The ability of the user to design and customise their own version of the Tarnished persona is one of the most well-liked aspects of games developed by FromSoftware. This pattern was maintained by Elden Ring, however there is a peculiar absence of any kind of personalization options in one particular facet of the experience.

When it comes to personalization, Elden Ring has proven to be an excellent choice. The fact that it is FromSoftware’s largest game to date certainly helps in this aspect, since it provides players with hundreds of different pieces of armour and clothes from which to choose. The Elden Ring downloadable content may simply, and with only a few relatively simple modifications, boost the Fashion Souls side of customizing. Since FromSoftware has established a pattern of including new armour and weaponry in downloadable content packs, it is quite likely that Elden Ring will follow suit and receive the same treatment. One form of customizing choice, on the other hand, does not follow any established pattern. This would manifest itself as fresh looks for the Tarnished’s dependable spectral steed, Torrent.

Needs Torrent Customization

The downloadable content for Elden Ring finally adds more options to customise Torrent. One of the game’s most egregious flaws is that the spectral steed does not have any personalization options available to choose from. Because players spend such a significant percentage of Elden Ring riding Torrent, the lack of a mechanism to customise his appearance feels like an odd decision on the developer’s part. However, the upcoming downloadable content (DLC) will address this issue by introducing a brand-new menu and a specialised set of products just for Torrent. It’s possible that this may contain new saddles and baggage, as well as varied hairstyles. The downloadable content for Elden Ring could even offer horse armour for Torrent. The latter could even have a connection to the gameplay, providing the spectral steed with a greater health pool when engaged in mounted combat.

Can Add Steeds Other Than Torrent

The developer-created content for Elden Ring might also take the form of making other mounts accessible to the user. In addition to the Night’s Cavalry and General Radahn, the game has a number of different foes that travel on horseback, such as various opponents. An exciting added prize for certain difficult boss fights could be gaining access to these steeds after defeating their respective riders. This would be a welcome addition to the challenge. The Garden of Eyes Elden Ring mod that was just just made available (via Patreon) provides an example of how something similar could be implemented in an official expansion by adding new whistles to the player’s inventory that can be used to call upon a variety of mounts. Even if this were possible, releasing additional mounts as part of an approved downloadable content pack would not fix another problem with Torrent.