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One Piece Odyssey – How to Fuse Accessories


Every Straw Hat Pirate member must have some of the Best Accessories in One Piece Odyssey. Nico Robin’s main non-combat duty as the resident archaeologist for the Straw Hats is to decipher and use antiquated technology. You must pay special attention to the Accessories and Abilities since players must use the turn-based process to defeat opponents. You will learn how to fuse accessories in one piece odyssey from this article:

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How to Fuse Accessories

You may easily fuse specific equipment in One Piece Odyssey to increase your characters’ stats and powers. These fused equipment’s enhanced and increased stats will eventually enable the character to advance to a higher level. Before delving deeper into accessory fusing, let us acquaint you with what accessories are.

  • Unlock Robin’s Mystery Craft Machine: You must get to Chapter 3 of the game, “The Wind Colossus and Dust Ruins,” to be able to fuse items. This chapter introduces you to Robin’s Mystery Craft Machine (Mukchi), an apparatus that lets you fuse items.

One Piece Odyssey - How to Fuse Accessories

  • Create a Camp: Locate a campfire (shown by a “Tent” icon) and make a camp. You can use Robin’s Mystery Craft Machine from here.
  • Access the Machine: Engage with the robot-like Mukchi (Robin’s Craft Machine). When Robin asks if you need an accessory, you should answer in the affirmative.
  • Choose a Base item: One item will serve as the “Base” accessory. This attachment will keep its name and appearance and serve as the fusion’s cornerstone.
  • Select Accessories to Sacrifice: Decide which item to fuse with the Base accessory. This attachment will be absorbed while the fusion process is underway. Make sure there are slots available for the fusion in the base accessory.

One Piece Odyssey - How to Fuse Accessories

  • Start Fusion: After you confirm your choice, the fusion procedure will get started. “Complete,” “Success” (150% stat transfer), and “Triumph” (200% stat transfer) are the three possible results.
  • Result: Depending on how the fusion turns out, the base item will have better stats and abilities after it is finished.
  • Level Up Robin’s Fuse Skill: You must get to Chapter 4 of the game to gain additional accessory slots and improve your fusing ability. To increase Robin’s fuse skill, gather cubes and finish the major missions.

How to Increase Accessory Fusing Level

Since One Piece Odyssey is a turn-based fighting game, you and your opponent will have to use certain moves in turn. This results in gameplay that calls for strategy of some kind, so you have to make sure your abilities are good enough to defeat the opposition. It is possible to ensure that your abilities are optimal before to engaging in a difficult conflict.

You can acquire new skills as you progress through the One Piece Odyssey chapters’ missions. You can find cubes to increase abilities and recover lost power. In order to defeat the game’s most challenging opponents, you must enhance your fighting and creating abilities.

Put another way, you will inherently level up your skills as you finish the main plot chapters. This also holds true for your fusing abilities. Therefore, gathering additional cubes is the first step you should take to enhance your accessory fusing in One Piece Odyssey.

They are going to be able to be placed in Robin’s fuse skill. Your ability to use accessory fusion to create better goods will rise as a result. To fuse additional goods with 2-4 stat blocks, you must utilize the purple accessory items. Through skill advancement, you can increase your starting point from 2 to 4.


What items can you sell in One Piece Odyssey?

Not only can you sell crafting and cooking supplies in One Piece Odyssey, but you can also sell accessories. Accessories will guarantee the largest bag among these choices, but you won’t have enough of them to upgrade—accessible in chapter three.

How do you change formation in One Piece Odyssey?

To swap a character, navigate to the menu, press A on one, then press A again on another. Not that it really matters; all you’re actually doing is selecting your four in-battle party members when you get into a fight, and the formation might be completely arbitrary.

Are there different outfits in One Piece Odyssey?

Every character has two sets of clothes: pre- and post-timeskip clothing that reflect the characters’ original appearance and their current look when they joined Luffy’s crew.

How many levels are in One Piece Odyssey?

There are nine chapters in the One Piece Odyssey. Because the chapters are numbered, players can easily keep track of how close they are to finishing the game.

Who is the final boss in One Piece Odyssey?

The last boss in One Piece: Odyssey is Adio, who is the only surviving member of an ancient race that formerly inhabited Waford, the sky island.