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Paleo Pines: How to Change Biome Pen


Play as a dinosaur rancher in Paleo Pines, a relaxing farming and life sim game. The idea of biome is central to developing a dinosaur-friendly ecosystem in Paleo Pines. The game’s pens are divided into biomes, each associated with a particular type of environment. The “ranch” biome is automatically selected as the starting biome for a player’s pen. This article covers how to switch the biome pen in Paleo Pines.

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Different Types of Biomes

There will be a few simple tasks for you to complete as you set up your new home for you and Lucky, such as constructing your very own dinosaur pen.

When you make a pen, it will be assigned the Ranch Biome by default. Lucky won’t mind being confined to a small area. But as you meet more dinosaurs, you’ll notice that they have varying preferences regarding their pen environment.

Paleo Pines: How to Change Biome Pen

Paleo Pines features three distinct biomes: the Valley Biome, the Forest Biome, and the Desert Biome. Remember that you must gain access to these features before altering your pen’s biome.

How to Change Pen’s Biome in Paleo Pines

To make your pen more representative of a different biome, you can decorate it with items typically found in that environment. If your dinosaur is partial to the Valley Biome, you can furnish its enclosure with the kinds of vegetation you’d find in a place like Veridian Valley. The materials for a Valley Biome pen can be purchased from Corlan in the form of Pampas Grass, Poinsettia Bush, and Young Heather Bush. Corlan’s regular hangout is his store at Pebble Plaza.

Paleo Pines: How to Change Biome Pen

Some dinosaurs prefer a habitat furnished with forest-type plants. Foxglove plants, also available from Corlan, can be used to create a pen in the Forest Biome. Dinosaurs that thrived in a hot, dry climate will become available later in the game. This is why they feel most at home curled up in a pen full of desert vegetation. Ball Cactus, Small Saguaro, and Buckhorn Cholla are just some of the desert flora sold at Alyx’s shop in Archeo Pelago.

You can use these to transform one of your enclosures into a Desert Biome by placing them there. Changing a pen’s biome requires at least three ornaments. Some ornaments, however, are so enormous that they actually qualify as two.

Paleo Pines: How to Change Biome Pen

The area where you sleep, known as a Sleeping Spot, can also be changed to accommodate a Dreamstone. You can alter the landscape around a dreamstone by selecting one with specific properties. You can give your dinosaur a Valley Sleeping Patch, Forest Sleeping Patch, or Desert Sleeping Patch, depending on its preferences.


Where are the dreamstones in Paleo Pines?

Throughout Veridian Valley, Dapplewood Forest, and Ariacotta Canyon, you can locate Dreamstones, and you’ll find them most often by Dreamstone Clusters, which are enormous but unbreakable deposits. They frequent the underbrush of trails and open areas of fields.

What are the biomes in the Paleo Pines pen?

Biomes. A biome is the type of environment that each enclosure mimics. The “ranch” biome type is automatically assigned to each new pen, and each region (Valley, Forest, and Desert) can only have one biome type. Dinosaurs thrive best in an environment that mimics their natural habitat.

How do you tame dinosaurs in Paleo Pines?

They are not domesticable, hence no one can tame them. The only way to interact with them is as a friend, and friends come and go whenever they choose. The player’s dino pals will stick around if they show them affection and tend to their needs.

How do you clean pen in Paleo Pines?

Use the Shovel to clean out a stall, remove tilled soil from places you intend to redo, or create planting holes for shrubs and trees. On the ranch, a colored outline will appear on the ground if you equip the shovel.