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Persona 3 Portable – How to Get Orpheus Telos


As the climactic battles of Persona 3 Portable loom ahead, the prospect of harnessing the formidable Orpheus Telos beckons, presenting an unparalleled arsenal against the impending challenges. With impervious defenses against all but almighty damage and an extensive repertoire of potential abilities, Orpheus Telos stands as the apex Persona within P3P’s formidable lineup.

Yet, the road to attaining this powerhouse demands more than mere desire; Igor, the enigmatic custodian, imposes trials that must be surmounted before the fusion of this mighty Persona is permitted. Delving into the intricacies of this coveted process, we unveil the secrets guiding you toward the pinnacle of persona power. This article will explain to you how to get Orpheus telos in persona 3 portable:

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How to Get Orpheus Telos

In Persona 3 Portable, merging Orpheus Telos only requires one instruction, but it’s not a simple one—you must max all of your social connection arcana in a single game. Nevertheless, there are numerous methods to corrupt your social connection progression in P3P, rendering it unreversible without loading a previous save file and attempting again.

Persona 3 Portable - How to Get Orpheus Telos

Certain ones, such as Akihiko’s, can be broken by selecting painful responses in crucial circumstances. Others have time constraints, such as Shinjiro’s. Finally, some of them, like Ryoji’s, include particular requirements for responses or deadlines for using free time. Fortunately, the game ignores social link characters in favor of evaluating each arcana.

As a result, you can unlock Orpheus Telos regardless of the protagonist you’ve selected, provided you finish all of their social links. The Colorless Mask, which is necessary for Orpheus Telos to fuse, will be given to you by Igor as a prize once you’ve watched the last scene of your last social link.

Customizing Orpheus Telos’ Move Set

You might also want to combine these Ultimate Personas while keeping Orpheus Telos in mind. This is thus because Orpheus Telos gets its skills from the component Personas, as it is incapable of learning anything on its own. Even if it sounds intimidating, you can tweak Orpheus Telos to some extent.  Strong move lists are assigned to each ingredient persona, increasing the likelihood that Orpheus Telos will inherit those moves after fusion.

Persona 3 Portable - How to Get Orpheus Telos

To expand Orpheus Telos’ move set, you could also want to employ the skill cards you’ve been gathering during the game.  These are one-time use tools that can teach any Persona, regardless of their primary elements, affinities, or weaknesses, the skill on the card.

There are several places to find skill cards: Shinshoudo Antiques, the antiques store in Paulownia Mall; Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities, the Sunday morning television marketing program; and even your Personas when you level them up. Since skill cards stay in your inventory until you utilize them, you can acquire your cards using any of the methods mentioned above at any point before combining Orpheus Telos.


Can you get Orpheus Telos P3P?

Fortunately, the game ignores social link characters in favor of evaluating each arcana. This means that you can unlock Orpheus Telos regardless of the protagonist you’ve selected, provided you finish all of their social links.

Can you register Orpheus Telos?

Izanagi-Non-Without a mod, Okami could not be added to the Persona 4 compendium. Therefore, I want to know if Orpheus Telos can. It is indeed addable. However, be ready to pay a hefty price for resummoning.

Whose persona is Orpheus?

One of the Personas in the Persona Record Series is Orpheus, who is Minato Arisato’s primary persona and has the ability to change into Thanatos.

Do you have to romance in Persona 3 Portable?

If you decide against dating the male contenders for romance, unlike the girls, you can choose to simply remain friends with them. Though there are romantic speech options for Shinjiro outside of the social link in early October, the social link does not truly turn romantic.

Is it better to play male or female Persona 3 Portable?

Thus, you must take on the role of the female protagonist if you wish to date Akihiko—and who wouldn’t? One other advantage of having a female protagonist is that the game’s social connections are all more detailed. You are unable to build social bonds with your male party members when you play as the male protagonist.

How many endings does Persona 3 Portable have?

Persona 3 Portable offers two endings, albeit it takes some time to reach the stage where you can affect them.