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Pokémon Captured in a Marvelous Elden Ring Mod


A new video demonstrates an ambitious Elden Ring hack that crosses over FromSoftware’s open world epic with the open world Pokemon games, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. Since its release earlier this year, Elden Ring has been an enormously successful product for FromSoftware. Modders have contributed to the popularity of the game by developing a wide variety of add-ons and customizations for it.

Even though there have been a great deal of Elden Ring mods, the game itself has also received official content upgrades. In point of fact, Elden Ring merely lately introduced PvP downloadable content, which ultimately allowed the colosseums in the Lands Between to be accessible. It has been said that further significant Elden Ring DLC additions are on the way, although FromSoftware has not made any formal announcements about this matter. Fans can expect on modders to keep developing unofficial content for the game even while they patiently wait for additional official content to be released after the game has already launched. This would feature the recently disclosed Pokemon mod that transforms Elden Ring into a comprehensive adventure centred around the Pokemon franchise.

Torrent has been replaced by the legendary Pokemon Koraidon as a result of the mod, which also gives the Tarnished the appearance of a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trainer. The players will face a variety of Pokemon from the Paldea region instead of the different Elden Ring foes. These Pokemon range from the common Normal-type Pokemon Lechonk to the terrifying Fire/Ghost-type Pokemon Skeledirge, which is the final evolution of Fuecoco. Even Elden Ring’s walking mausoleums are put to good use by the mod, which does so by placing Pokemon Centers atop each of them.

It appears that this Elden Ring Pokemon mod is not now accessible for download. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. And given that Nintendo is typically quite forceful when it comes to safeguarding its intellectual property, there is a good likelihood that it would be taken down before too much longer. Even though most of these other Elden Ring mods won’t compare to the sheer scope of this Pokemon one, fans of FromSoftware’s open world game will be happy to know that there are many more Elden Ring mods available to check out.