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Pokemon Go PVP Is Coming Soon, Let Trainer Battles Begin


The exciting feature for Pokemon Go is coming for the fans. Yes, the great news came from Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go. As they teased in their official Twitter for Pokemon Go PVP (player versus player) feature:

In previous, you couldn’t command your Pokemon personally, instead, you have to leave the computer to let them fight for you.

Now, with the PVP feature, you can take the fight to other players, having full six-on-six Pokemon battles with anyone you come across. This will give the player a lot of possibilities for epic battles between trainers and their best teams if they’ve been training their Pokemon continuously.

Well, it’s obviously will be more attractive than just catching Pokemon, doing raids, and going around taking gyms, which we have done in this game before.

Unfortunately, still no words from Niantic for how the feature will work, but they hinted that players will need to join a league to play, which lets you battle with pokémon of various strength levels.

Hopefully, this Pokemon Go PVP will launch soon and also will make the game more exciting for the fans.

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