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PS5 won’t support SSD storage expansion at launch Sony Re-confirms


Sony says its PlayStation 5 can stack virtual universes far quicker than at any other time, on account of one of the quickest strong state drives ever constructed — but at the same time it is anything but an especially enormous drive. Sony has affirmed to the verge that you won’t have the option to extend that bursting quick SSD stockpiling on the very first moment.

While the PS5 highlights a committed inward opening that can hypothetically fit standard stick-molded M.2 SSDs and a simple method to get to it, the space will evidently be debilitated out of the container.

We definitely realized this would be an issue, however with the PS5 delivery date approaching, it’s significant that everybody knows about the capacity constraints with an out-of-the-crate PS5. Truly, the comfort brags one the quickest strong state drives ever, however with just 825GB of accessible space (and even not as much as that really, when you check pre-stacked substance), you may run into some stockpiling issues rather rapidly.

I talked about this issue with PS5 introduce measures previously, including the generally enormous record sizes of cutting edge games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Launch Edition, and how Mark Cerny has recently expressed capacity extension would happen “somewhat past” dispatch. Cerny additionally encouraged fans to “hold off on getting that M.2 drive until you get with us.” We’ve currently gotten with them indeed, and with not a single qualified SSDs to be seen, it would appear that you’ll should be somewhat thrifty with your PS5 downloads.

The postponement is chiefly on the grounds that most M.2 SSDs don’t have the trifecta: they can’t stay aware of the PS5, fit in the slender SSD dock, and work with Sony’s I/O regulator. The Verge talked with “for all intents and purposes each maker of a PCIe Gen4 stick drive” and it turns out “not a solitary one had the option to tell [them] their drives will really work with the PS5.” indeed, the similarity testing Sony and Cerny examined may have not started: “two proposed that Sony’s similarity program hasn’t really commenced at this point.


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