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How to solve the Ashley puzzle in Resident Evil 4


You might be puzzling over a certain game puzzle once more when the remake for the Capcom classic resolves it. As Resident Evil 4 experts know, the sliding tile puzzle in the action-horror game’s Chapters 3–4 is one of its most infamous challenges. In the Resident Evil 4 remake, Ashley gets lost and split up from Leon once more. Similar to the Sherry Birkin moments in RE2, you’ll need to take control of her to get her back together with Leon. The following paragraphs will describe how to solve the Ashley problem in Resident Evil 4:

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What is the solution to the Ashley Puzzle?

Leon and Ashley must find each other again after separating in Salazar’s Castle in Chapters 3–4. You will eventually assume control of Ashley and have her try to break out of a storeroom that is closed off by several hefty metal gates. Once you get past that part, you’ll come across a puzzle.

Resident Evil 4: Ashley Puzzle Solution

You should slide the tiles in the following order when you reach the Shifting Stone Puzzle:

  • Move Tile 4 
  • Move Tile 7
  • Move Tile 9
  • Move Tile 3 
  • Move Tile 1
  • Move Tile 7
  • Move Tile 9

Best wishes! You have the puzzle solved. A gold bangle, a serpent ornament, and the Salazar Family Insignia will be in a newly created area. The suits of armor in the storeroom will come to life and try to capture you if you steal the Serpent Ornament. They should be fairly easy to escape but beware of a potentially harmful quick-time event coming from the living armor near the end of the hallway.

The Ashley clock puzzle solution

There is a rather large clock at the beginning of Ashley’s section. Ignore it and return to it later. After taking the straight route, you’ll reach the door you need to open for Leon; it requires a sigil to unlock. There’s a note in that room on the desk in the upper left corner (where you entered).

It includes the clock puzzle solutions (which are all the same). We simply set the minute hand to four and the hour hand to eleven on our end, then hit the “confirm” button (X on the PlayStation/A on the Xbox). The path will be clear and the clock will shift to the side.

How did the Ashley Puzzle change?

The Resident Evil 4 Remake altered the part where you control Ashley, eliminating the need to rearrange stones to solve a puzzle. You now have to solve a new puzzle that requires you to navigate the castle’s library to locate grandfather clock doors.

Resident Evil 4: Ashley Puzzle Solution

It takes a certain amount of time to open these doors. The doors will open and let you proceed once they are adjusted to the proper time. Later on in the level, to advance through a door, you have to set lanterns atop pedestals.


What is the lock code puzzle in Resident Evil 4?

Crops. Pig. Baby is the correct Combination Lock puzzle solution in Resident Evil 4 when using the information in this file.

What is the code name in Resident Evil 4?

In Resident Evil 4 Remake, Leon has a code name for Ashley called Baby Eagle, but he uses it as soon as he finds her, rendering it meaningless.

Who is the girl you save in Resident Evil 4?

The 20-year-old daughter of the recently elected US President is Ashley Graham. While returning from Massachusetts, she is abducted by Jack Krauser and held captive in a European town by the Los Illuminados. The first thing Leon S. Kennedy wants to do is find her and save her.

How old is Ada in RE4?

Ada is playable in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4, but she isn’t really a protagonist until Resident Evil 6. Because of this, at 39 years old, she is among the series’ oldest protagonists ever.