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Resident Evil 4 Remake – How to Get Cat Ears


Like other Resident Evil games in the series, Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 remake gives players a ton of unlockable goodies for completing additional objectives and winning the game during playthroughs. Even if the Cat Ears on the former rookie cops from Raccoon City are humorous, the item’s endless supply makes it a powerful tool that makes every objective in the game easier. Players have to complete a task, which may take some time before obtaining this equipment. You can read this post to find out how to get cat ears in the Resident Evil 4 remake:

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How to Get Cat Ears Accessory

In the Resident Evil 4 remake, players must defeat the game on Professional Mode—an incredibly severe difficulty level—with a S+ ranking to get the Cat Ears. That is easier said than done, particularly given the prerequisites. First, to access Professional Mode, players must finish the game once on any difficulty level.

Resident Evil 4 Remake - How to Get Cat Ears

After then, to obtain the S+ ranking, they must create a new file and win the game again on Professional. There will be far more formidable foes in this mode, greater resource scarcity and higher Merchant pricing. For Leon to be safe, even the parries have to be flawless.

The S+ classification necessitates completing the game in fewer than five and a half hours, making matters worse. It can already be a challenging chore for those who are sufficiently versed with the game, much less for others who find it tough to play even in easier settings. This problem requires efficiency and minimal waste to be met; otherwise, it will be completely unsuccessful.

How to Complete a Professional S+ Rank Run

Many tools can facilitate attempting to achieve a Professional S+ Rank run, as bonus weapons and accessories are permitted. Unlocking Ashley’s Knight Armor, for instance, makes it much simpler to defend her. At the same time, potent weapons like the Chicago Sweeper and Handcannon are excellent for eliminating the more formidable foes in Professional mode.

Resident Evil 4 Remake - How to Get Cat Ears

The Primal Knife is another amazing tool for a Professional S+ run. It gives Leon a terrific weapon for parrying and scoring rapid kills. Improving this item’s durability gives players a practically unbreakable knife throughout their gameplay, which is helpful if you aim to finish the game quickly. Selecting the right tools for the task must be the main priority for seasoned players attempting to determine the best strategy for getting the Cat Ears accessory in Resident Evil 4 Remake for Infinite Ammo.

Use of the Cat Ears Accessory

This item’s advantages are likely so potent because of the strict conditions needed to obtain it. Leon will have endless ammunition for all of his weapons if he wears the Cat Ears. Players can now feel free to deploy their most potent weapons at any time to blow the opposition to bits and stop gathering or producing ammunition. Please take note that the Cat Ears are not beneficial for the Bolt Thrower or regular Rocket Launcher.

This item is ideal if the goal is to remove the element of survival from the survival horror experience. The game will be easy to finish after you have the Cat Ears, which is the ideal reward for everyone who successfully completes the Herculean effort.


Can I use cat ears to unlock Handcannon RE4 remake?

Indeed. The Primal Knife, Chicago Sweeper, and Infinite Rocket Launcher are the only weapons that are regarded as special weapons (which you can’t use to earn the handcannon anyhow).

What is the most powerful gun in RE4 remake?

In Resident Evil 4, the Red9 is the greatest handgun. Out of all the handguns in the game, its damage value is the highest. Additionally, after finishing all upgrades, the player can get a unique bonus that amplifies its attack power by 1.5 times. The fact that this weapon may be acquired really early is just another amazing feature.

What is the secret weapon in Resident Evil 4 Remake?

All Bonus Weapons in the RE4 Remake List. The Handcannon, Chicago Sweeper, and Primal Knife are the three additional weapons included in the Resident Evil 4 remake, excluding the Infinite Rocket Launcher. Once certain challenges have been completed, the player can purchase these hidden weapons from the Extra Content Shop.

What Gun has infinite ammo in Resident Evil 4?

The Infinite Rocket Launcher, Infinite Chicago Sweeper, and Infinite Handcannon are the only three weapons in RE4 with “unlimited” ammo, hence for the majority of players, this will be a significant limitation.

Is the Riot Gun better than the shotgun RE4 remake?

The Riot Gun is the greatest shotgun in the RE4 remake and is well worth the money given its inexpensive cost and great strength. This weapon may be upgraded to a magnum-like shotgun that can defeat many adversaries with a single shell for 400,000 Pesetas.