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Rumor: Nintendo is reportedly telling developers to make their games 4K-ready


Bloomberg revealed a new report that Nintendo has reportedly ask game 3rd party developers to make their game 4k ready. Nintendo is planning to launch a switch pro model in the start of 2021.

The report claims its origins are”outside game programmers” which are familiar with Nintendo’s plans (thanks, VGC) and adds weight to the claim that the new Switch will be effective at 4K visuals.

However, it’s theorized that this will be accomplished using Nvidia’s DLSS AI upscaling techniques, instead of pure 4K output. This process — that grants high-resolution visuals with little in the way of a performance hit — is used in Nvidia’s Shield hardware, which is based on the exact internal structure as Switch.


It had allegedly previously increased its manufacturing orders to 25 million in August, since it continued to battle with customer demand for Switch after the coronavirus pandemic and enormous victory of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Based on a previous Bloomberg file, the anticipated’Switch Guru’ launching in 2021 will be combined with numerous fresh first-party games, which it said may partially explain Nintendo’s comparative release drought thus far from 2020.

Previously Taipei-based paper Economic Daily News was the first to claim a fresh Nintendo Switch version would launch in 2021. According to the novel, the new Shift version features updated”interactivity” and enhanced display quality.

Over the last year, other press reports have claimed that Nintendo was planning a third Shift version, along with the flagship console along with the Shift Lite.

Citing sources in the associated distribution chain, Taiwanese site DigiTimes reported in January that fresh Shift hardware could put in mass production in the first quarter of the year and launching shortly after.

The Wall Street Journal also claimed in 2019 which Nintendo was likely a stronger Nintendo Shift hardware revision, together with”improved features geared at avid gamers.”

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