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Which Game Is Better CSGO or League Of Legends


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) has grown exponentially in recent years. CSGO is currently the second-largest game on Steam, reaching up to 500,000 players at a time. On the other hand, League of Legends is doing pretty good in the gaming industry, but CSGO is now the first serious competitor.

For a long time, LoL has been at the top of the list, but some people think that CSGO is better than LoL in some ways. The popularity of CSGO accounts has enabled new users to try this game and shift from League of Legends. But why has CSGO become the new age gaming system? Read below to find more. 

CSGO – Why Is It Better?

First of all, CSGO is much simpler as compared to League of Legends (LoL). Two teams shoot at each other in an attempt to eliminate the other team or achieve a goal. For outsiders, whether you are watching a game on TV or Twitch, or want to host the game yourself, it’s very easy to understand. Once you start playing CSGO, you will get a hold of it. A variety of prime CSGO accounts are available online through which you can improve your ranking instantly in the game.

On the other hand, LoL is very different. From the perspective of an external audience, if you don’t understand how the game is played, it will look messy and the learning curve for new players is also very steep. Compared with games such as CSGO, the accessibility of LoL is much lower.

Secondly, CSGO can be played by anyone. Although the LoL team always dominates the professional track, CSGO is not ruled by any team or country/region. The lower-level teams have enough room to move up and win glory.

CSGO also has a higher number of annual tournaments than LoL, which provides more opportunities for overthrow. Now, with the addition of the ELeague, spectators and players will look forward to more games every year. Some team leaders on the CSGO site even said that there are too many matches and it is difficult for players to keep up.

Another important factor in the growing attention and popularity of CSGO is the increase in the prize pool. Many professional-level games, including Major League Baseball, have a prize pool of $250,000 and Dreamhack announced that it will provide more than $1 million in prize money this year alone.

ELeague’s prize pool is $1,400,000, which is already an impressive $1,200,000. The substantial increase in bonuses is very conducive to publicity and further stimulated the interest of players, spectators and investors.

ELeague’s trading volume is also large because it can attract more CSGO audiences; otherwise, they may never have watched eSports. As the first televised eSports, we can only hope this will bring miracles to CS: GO as a whole, and it will definitely give them a boost like LoL and other eSports.

Finally, CS: GO caught the popularity of eSports betting. By adding appearance to CSGO, now anyone can bet on a competitive game. Also, since the outsiders’ understanding of CSGO is much easier than that of League of Legends, betting on your favourite team will not be that difficult.

If you want to play CSGO and enjoy the game to the fullest as well as improve your ranking, you should buy CSGO prime accounts. There are various options available at different prices starting from as low as $6.99, so do check out according to your requirement.

Bottom Line

Coming back to the difference between the two games, what do you think about them? Will the continued success of CSGO make LoL suffer all the losses? Perhaps, but not too much! In fact, some of its ratings are being attracted and some of its participants have been attracted as well.

But LoL is a giant in the gaming industry and will continue to grow (albeit slower than CS: GO). CSGO seems to appeal to completely different gamers and fans, but if enough PC gamers are willing to avoid the rookie CSGO features, the “League of Legends” may come first in free competitive games to become the world’s most popular eSports.

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