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Sea Of Stars – How to Get into the Locked Shed in Lucent


Sea of Stars has a number of mysterious sealed areas. It may be required to initiate separate side missions in order to access them. Fortunately, completing these tasks is usually quite interesting and exciting, especially if you want to find every secret this game has to offer. Naturally, your curiosity will take over when you learn that the gloomy town of Lucent has a Locked Shed. You will learn how to enter the Locked Shed in Lucent in the Sea of Stars by reading this article:

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Where is the Town of Lucent in Sea of Stars

You can access a different area of the overworld map by reaching the end of the Wraith Island Docks. Head directly to the Town of Lucent, though, as that’s the only other place you can get to from it. To find the town square, head north.

Sea Of Stars - How to Get into the Locked Shed in Lucent

Getting into the Locked Shed in Lucent

Players must take the following actions to enter the Locked Shed in Lucent Village:

  • A rumor in Lucent Village is that the key to the locked shed is kept by a ghost that resides on the west side of the property.
  • Players must travel to the other side of town and scale the brick wall next to the garden in order to reach the Ghost.
  • Then, in order to get to the ghost, they must travel north on the trail.
  • Players will discover that the ghost need Turbo Cookie after interacting with him.

Sea Of Stars - How to Get into the Locked Shed in Lucent

  • Players must first obtain the Graplou before going to the bridge that connects the town and the locked shed in order to obtain the Turbo Cookie.
  • Next, turn to face the northern side of the bridge and proceed to ascend onto the nearby tiny ledge.
  • Next, stroll until the players arrive at The First Stage of Grief’s roof.
  • Two items will be on the roof: a chest with obsidian ore and two potato plants.

Sea Of Stars - How to Get into the Locked Shed in Lucent

  • The Turbo Cookie is what players will find within the chest.
  • Then go back to Ghost and give him the cookie; however, after the players consume it, the ghost will attack them.
  • Since the ghost is vulnerable to moon magic, players can simply defeat it without dealing physical damage.

Sea Of Stars - How to Get into the Locked Shed in Lucent

  • Players must then proceed to the small burial on the hilltop’s left side.
  • The key to the locked shed is in the grave.
  • Return to the village after that, investigate the shed, and gather the spoils.


Can you save Garl in Sea of Stars?

Go back to the Moorlands monument after completing each of these quests. The Solstice warriors will find a means to travel back in time and save Garl’s life during a cutscene with the assistance of Resh’an and B’st. Now that you have Garl back in your group, you can finish the game and discover its real conclusion.

Does party order matter in Sea of Stars?

Turn-based combat is used in Sea of Stars. There is no set sequence in which the members of the active party take turns.

How many playable characters are in Sea of Stars?

Six distinct playable combat characters can be found in Sea of Stars; each has a distinct playstyle, backstory, personal goals, special abilities, and interactions with the other party members. Sometimes the motivations in this multi-layered drama line up in surprising ways.

What are the flimsy hammers for in Sea of Stars?

Below that is a long corridor with four weak walls that can be breached by hitting them with a weak hammer, which will also destroy the hammer. A secret area can be accessed by destroying all four walls.

What is the crypt for in Sea of Stars?

A unique place in Sea of Stars, the Kickstarter Crypt is home to monuments, statues, and commemorative stones honoring the Kickstarter’s early backers.